Esther 3:7 – God Works Through Ordinary People


The Book of Esther recounts the story of a young Jewish maiden named Esther who played an instrumental role in protecting her people from destruction. We honor her heroism during Purim, but Esther wasn’t always seen as one; initially she was considered to be a villain by Haman who threatened their lives due to her refusal to show him any reverence; therefore we should remember Esther’s heroism: God works through ordinary people willing to step forward in faith and not allow fear of man or political systems stand in our way in doing God’s work in our lives!

Esther and Mordecai were summoned by King Ahasuerus to come before him at his palace, knowing he had a law against approaching him without first being summoned, punishable with death if done. Esther faced two options; she could choose either refuse coming before him, or risk her life to save her people, ultimately opting for saving their lives by coming before Ahasuerus herself. Luckily she chose the latter path.

After listening to Mordecai and Esther had expressed their wishes, the king inquired as to their desires. Since Esther desired that her people not be subject to oppression by Haman, the king granted this request while also demanding she keep her identity hidden – this requirement being essential for Esther’s plan because keeping it hidden would protect both herself and Haman’s good name.

Esther then set about her task of preparing to go before King Ahasuerus. She made sure she looked her best, fasted and prayed, taking this matter seriously, understanding that her own life depended on it.

Once she was prepared, she sent a message to the scribes, requesting they cast lots to determine when the King would begin his term in Adar. This was a common practice that gave them time to write an appropriate edict for her new reign.

Significantly, Haman planned for all Jews to be executed on this date – an indication of the superstition-ridden Persian culture at that time. Haman used half truths and outright lies to devise his scheme, so divination may have been necessary to select an auspicious day for his plan.

Esther’s courage in standing up for her people should be celebrated and emulated. Our world is filled with oppressive forces threatening spiritual and physical wellbeing; therefore we must show Esther-like courage when facing adversarial forces; trust God will work through us even when things appear hopeless or dangerous.

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