Footprints In The Sand – A Very Inspiring Poem | God’s Love Animation

Footprints in the sand One night I dreamed a dream as I was Walking along the beach with my Lord Across the dark sky flash scenes for my Life for each scene I noticed two sets Of footprints in the sand one belonging To me and one to my Lord after the last Scene of my life flashed before me I Looked back at the footprints in the Sand I noticed that it many times along The path of my life especially at the Very lowest and saddest times there was Only one set of footprints this really Troubled me so I asked the Lord about it Lord you said once I decided to follow You you’d walk with me all the way but I Noticed that during the saddest and most Troublesome times of my life there was Only one set of footprints I don’t Understand why when I needed you the Most you would leave me he whispered my Precious child I love you and will never Leave Never ever during your trials and Testings when you saw only one set of Footprints it was then that I carried You You

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