Glorified – Hillsong Worship

Are you searching for a powerful worship song that will uplift your spirits? Look no further than “Glorified” by Hillsong Worship. This beautiful and heartfelt song comes from their album “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” released in July 1998. The lyrics, penned by Steve McPherson, speak of the unwavering strength, joy, and salvation that is found in God. As you listen to this song, you will be reminded of the firm foundation that God provides, the everlasting love that endures, and the salvation and healing that He brings. Let the joyful sound of “Glorified” resonate in your heart and experience the powerful presence of God as you worship along with Hillsong.

The accompanying video by Hillsong Worship adds to the beauty and depth of the song. It serves as a visual representation of the lyrics, further enhancing the message and meaning behind the music. Stay connected and let the earth hear the joyful sound as you join in praising and glorifying God through this captivating song.

Glorified – Hillsong Worship


‘Glorified’ is a powerful worship song by Hillsong Worship, featured on their album ‘Touching Heaven, Changing Earth’ released in July 1998. This song has become a beloved anthem in Christian worship, known for its uplifting lyrics and inspiring melody. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind the lyrics, the impact of the song, and its significance in the realm of Christian music.


The lyrics of ‘Glorified’ express deep praise and adoration for God. The song begins with the verse, “You are strong and firm foundation, I’m filled with joy in my salvation, Lord You bring life to every nation, You will remain glorified.” These words convey a sense of awe and reverence towards God’s strength and salvation.

The chorus repeats the proclamation of God’s glory, “Glorified, You take my fear and trepidation, I’m filled with holy expectation, Lord, Oh Your love endures forever, You will remain glorified.” This section reminds listeners that God’s love is eternal and that they can trust in His unwavering presence and faithfulness.

The second verse continues the theme of praise and adoration, emphasizing God’s enduring love and His role as the bringer of salvation. The bridge solidifies the message of the song, emphasizing the need for God to be enthroned in believers’ praises.

Album Information

‘Glorified’ is featured on Hillsong Worship’s album ‘Touching Heaven, Changing Earth’ released in July 1998. This album is an iconic release from the Australian worship group, showcasing their signature sound and heartfelt lyrics.

Along with ‘Glorified,’ the album includes other notable tracks such as “That’s What We Came Here For,” “Lord Your Goodness,” and “Jesus, You Gave it All.” Each song on the album contributes to the overall theme of worship and exaltation of God.

In terms of chart performance, ‘Touching Heaven, Changing Earth’ reached high positions on various Christian music charts, testament to its popularity and impact on listeners.

Song Meaning

The lyrics of ‘Glorified’ hold deep meaning for both the band members and listeners. On a surface level, the song expresses praise and adoration for God’s glory and everlasting love. However, the song’s significance goes beyond mere words and melodies.

Interpretation of the lyrics may vary among listeners, but the underlying religious significance remains consistent. The song acts as a reminder of God’s strength, salvation, and enduring love in the face of fear and uncertainty.

On a personal level, ‘Glorified’ invites individual reflection and introspection. Listeners are encouraged to embrace a mindset of joy and expectation, recognizing God’s constant presence in their lives. The song acts as a source of hope and encouragement, reminding believers of God’s faithfulness and their salvation through Him.

Musical Style

Hillsong Worship is known for their contemporary Christian music style, which seamlessly blends elements of rock, pop, and worship. ‘Glorified’ falls into this genre classification, featuring a powerful and energetic musical arrangement that complements its uplifting lyrics.

The instrumentation of the song includes electric guitars, drums, keyboards, and other contemporary instruments. This creates a dynamic and engaging sound that resonates with worshipers across generations.

The melody and harmony of ‘Glorified’ are memorable and easy to sing along to, making it accessible for congregational worship. The tempo and rhythm of the song are upbeat and lively, adding to the overall celebratory atmosphere.

Influence and Impact

Hillsong Worship’s impact in the realm of Christian music cannot be overstated. The band has consistently produced impactful and inspiring worship songs that have resonated with listeners worldwide.

‘Glorified’ has played a significant role in shaping the worship experiences of many believers. Its message of God’s enduring love and glory has touched the hearts of countless individuals, providing a source of comfort, encouragement, and hope.

Listeners have responded positively to ‘Glorified,’ citing its powerful lyrics and infectious melody as reasons for its popularity. The song has been embraced in worship services globally, becoming a staple in many churches’ worship repertoires.

Live Performances

‘Glorified’ has been performed live by Hillsong Worship on numerous occasions, both in their church services and during worship conferences. The song’s energetic and uplifting nature makes it a perfect choice for live performances, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Notable performances of ‘Glorified’ took place during Hillsong Worship’s annual conferences, such as Hillsong Conference and Colour Conference. These events attract thousands of attendees, who join together in worship and praise, guided by Hillsong Worship’s powerful and inspiring music.

During live performances of ‘Glorified,’ the audience actively participates and engages with the song, singing along with passion and enthusiasm. This collective worship experience creates a sense of unity and connection among believers, strengthening their faith and relationship with God.

Critical Reception

‘Glorified’ has received positive reviews from music critics, who have praised its powerful lyrics and high-energy musical arrangement. The song’s message of God’s glory and enduring love has been commended for its ability to resonate with listeners on a deep emotional level.

Recognition and awards have also followed ‘Glorified,’ further solidifying its impact and influence in the realm of Christian music. The song’s legacy continues to thrive, as it remains a beloved worship anthem for many believers around the world.

Other Versions

Over the years, ‘Glorified’ has been covered by various artists and worship teams, resulting in different interpretations and arrangements of the song. These versions serve as a testament to the lasting impact and popularity of the song.

While each rendition may have its unique musical style and sound, the core message of ‘Glorified’ remains intact. The song continues to touch hearts and inspire worshipers, regardless of the specific musical interpretation.


‘Glorified’ by Hillsong Worship has left an indelible mark on the world of Christian music. Its powerful lyrics, dynamic musical arrangement, and uplifting message have resonated with countless individuals, providing them with a sense of hope, joy, and connection with God.

Through their influence, Hillsong Worship has shaped the worship experiences of many believers, and ‘Glorified’ stands as a testament to their commitment to producing impactful and inspiring worship music.

As you reflect on the lyrics of ‘Glorified’ and the impact it has had on listeners, may you be reminded of God’s enduring love and find comfort in His presence. Let this song serve as a source of encouragement and a reminder that God’s glory will always remain glorified.

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