God’s Promise Land To Israel – Genesis 12:1-7

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The Bible says, Canaan or Canan, God’s Promise Land To Israel. This is the land that God promised to give to Israel (Genesis 12:1-7 ESV). It is located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea where Asia, Europe, and Africa meet.

Israel at the time of Moses was troubled by the cruel Pharaoh. Moses was sent to lead Israel out of the land of Egypt. Through Moses, God gave the Law to Israel as a guide and protection in every aspect of life. As long as Israel faithfully submits to God’s rule, they will belong to them and be a blessing to others.
But sadly, most of the Israelites lacked faith in God. Because of this, they were left to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. Later, Moses appointed the righteous Joshua as his successor. Finally, the Israelites are ready to enter the land that God promised to Abraham.

Under the leadership of Joshua, Israel conquered Canaan. God gave the judges the power to save his people from oppression. A few centuries before Israel entered Canaan, God promised that Abraham’s descendants would possess that land. Now, led by Joshua, the Israelites are ready to possess the Promised Land.

But before they entered the land, Joshua sent two spies to spy on the city of Jericho. The woman Rahab let them go and hid them in her house, even though she knew they were Israelites. Since Rahab heard of God’s saving His people, she believed in the God of Israel. Joshua’s army rushed in and destroyed the city, miraculously bringing down the walls of the city. In just six years, Joshua conquered a large part of the Promised Land. Then, the land was divided among the tribes of Israel.

But after the death of Joshua and the old men who were with him, the Israelites turned away and worshiped idols. During those times, Israel was allowed to be oppressed by its enemies, such as the Philistines. But the Israelites asked God for help, so he appointed judges—12 in all—to save them.
The period of the Judges recorded in the book of Judges begins with Othniel and ends with Samson, the strongest man who ever lived.

The people of Canaan are called Canaanites and based on the old testament, the Canaanites are a “race cursed by God”. In spite of the obvious help and involvement of God, they disobeyed and became evil. Someone reached the promised land but not everyone benefited from His teaching, if people had been obedient and faithful to Him, God would not have cursed and abandoned the people of Israel.

Obedience to GOD brings grace, while disobedience brings destruction.

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