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Today, we’re talking about a powerful worship song called “I Will Bless You Lord” by Hillsong Worship. This song is featured on their album “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth,” which was released back in July 1998. The lyrics are filled with heartfelt praise and an unwavering trust in the Lord. It’s a beautiful reminder of the perfect love and faithfulness of God, and how He always answers our prayers before we even call on Him. The song declares that our souls cry out for God, and we choose to continually bless and praise Him. Stay tuned to dive deeper into the uplifting lyrics and the powerful message behind this worship anthem.

“I Will Bless You Lord” is all about trusting in the Lord’s perfect love and finding strength and hope in Him. The song invites us to shout for joy and pour out our hearts in praise to God, as His plan stands firm forever. With heartfelt lyrics, this song encourages us to bless the Lord and magnify His name, acknowledging that our souls long for Him. Throughout the article, we’ll explore the significance of the lyrics, the impact of Hillsong Worship’s performance, and the enduring power of this song in the realm of worship music. So, let’s dive into the uplifting and soul-stirring world of “I Will Bless You Lord” by Hillsong Worship.


“I Will Bless You Lord” is a powerful worship song by Hillsong Worship, released on their album “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” in July 1998. This article will provide an in-depth exploration of the background, meaning, and impact of this song. We will also analyze its musical style, vocal arrangement, and lyrical structure. Moreover, we will discuss how this song has been used and adapted in worship settings, including church services, worship gatherings, and personal devotions.

Background of the Song

Release Date

“I Will Bless You Lord” was released on the Hillsong Worship album “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” in July 1998. It quickly became a favorite among worshipers around the world due to its heartfelt lyrics and powerful melody.

Album Name

The album “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” showcased Hillsong Worship’s commitment to bringing powerful worship songs to the world. It captured the heart and passion of the church, encouraging believers to encounter God’s presence and experience transformation.

Meaning and Inspiration

Trust in God

At its core, “I Will Bless You Lord” is a declaration of trust and faith in God. The lyrics express a deep confidence in God’s faithfulness and a willingness to bless Him regardless of the circumstances. This song encourages believers to trust in God’s plan and to find hope in His unchanging love.

Perfect Love

The song also highlights the perfect love of God. It reminds us that His love is flawless and unconditional. The lyrics express gratitude for God’s love and acknowledge His constant presence, even before we call upon Him.

Answered Prayer

“I Will Bless You Lord” conveys the idea that God answers our prayers even before we utter a word. It emphasizes the power of God’s provision and His ability to fulfill our needs. This theme serves as a reminder that God is always ready to meet us where we are and provide for us.

Hope, Strength, and Joy

The song offers hope, strength, and joy to the listener. It reminds us that God is our source of hope and strength in every situation. The lyrics also encourage believers to find joy in praising and worshiping God, recognizing that He is the ultimate source of happiness and fulfillment.


Gratitude is a key component of “I Will Bless You Lord.” The lyrics express thankfulness for God’s faithfulness, love, and provision. It encourages believers to pour out their hearts in thanksgiving and praise, acknowledging the goodness of God in their lives.

God’s Unchanging Plan

Another important theme in the song is the idea of God’s unchanging plan. The lyrics express the belief that God’s plan stands firm forever, emphasizing His sovereignty and the assurance that His purposes will be fulfilled. This theme serves as a source of comfort and encouragement to believers, reminding them that they can trust in God’s unchanging nature.

Continuous Praise

“I Will Bless You Lord” calls believers to a lifestyle of continuous praise. The lyrics express a desire to continually pour out praise from the heart, recognizing that worship is not limited to specific moments but should be a constant response to God’s faithfulness and love.

Crying out for God

The song also acknowledges the deep longing of the soul for God’s presence. It expresses a heartfelt cry for more of God and a desire to commune with Him intimately. The lyrics invite believers to seek God earnestly and to find satisfaction in His presence.

Theological Themes

“I Will Bless You Lord” touches on several important theological themes. It highlights God’s faithfulness, His perfect love, and His provision for His children. The song also emphasizes the unchanging nature of God and His sovereign plan. Moreover, it encourages believers to trust in God, find hope and strength in Him, and continually offer praise and thanksgiving.

Song Analysis

Musical Style

“I Will Bless You Lord” features a contemporary worship style that is characteristic of Hillsong Worship. It incorporates a mix of rock, pop, and gospel influences, creating a dynamic and uplifting atmosphere. The song is characterized by its energetic tempo, driving rhythm section, and soaring vocals.

Melody and Chords

The melody of “I Will Bless You Lord” is melodically rich and memorable. It combines beautiful harmonies and catchy hooks, making it easy for congregations to sing along. The chord progression is relatively simple, allowing for a seamless flow and providing an opportunity for musicians to add their own creative touches.

Vocal Arrangement

The vocal arrangement of “I Will Bless You Lord” is powerful and emotive. It features strong lead vocals supported by dynamic harmonies and backing vocals. The song builds in intensity as it progresses, showcasing the range and versatility of the vocalists.

Lyric Structure

The lyrics of “I Will Bless You Lord” follow a structured format that allows for repetition and emphasizes the key themes of the song. Each verse and chorus builds upon the previous one, creating a sense of momentum and leading to a powerful climax. The lyrical structure ensures that the main message of trust, love, and gratitude is effectively communicated to the listener.

Impact and Reception


Since its release, “I Will Bless You Lord” has become a popular worship song around the world. It has been embraced by various churches and worship leaders due to its powerful lyrics and anthemic melody. The song has been featured in countless worship gatherings, conferences, and events, resonating with believers and leading them into a meaningful worship experience.

Meaningful Worship Experience

“I Will Bless You Lord” has the ability to create a powerful and transformational worship experience. Its passionate lyrics and energetic music invite believers to encounter God’s presence and experience His love and faithfulness in a tangible way. The song has been a source of encouragement, hope, and joy for countless individuals, drawing them closer to God and helping them express their devotion and adoration.

Usage and Adaptation in Worship

Church Services

“I Will Bless You Lord” is a dynamic and versatile song that can be used in various church services. It can be included in the opening set to set the tone for worship, or it can be used as a closing song to conclude the service on a high note. The upbeat tempo and powerful lyrics make it ideal for congregational singing, allowing the entire church to participate in praising and blessing the Lord.

Worship Gatherings

The song is also well-suited for worship gatherings such as conferences, retreats, and youth events. Its energetic and uplifting nature creates an atmosphere of celebration and joy. Worshipers can engage with the song through singing, clapping, and dancing, creating a memorable and impactful worship experience.

Personal Devotions

“I Will Bless You Lord” is not only meant for corporate worship but can also be a powerful song for personal devotion and reflection. Believers can listen to the song during their quiet time with God, allowing the lyrics to inspire and encourage their hearts. The song serves as a reminder of God’s faithfulness, His perfect love, and His desire to be in relationship with His children.


“I Will Bless You Lord” by Hillsong Worship is a powerful and uplifting worship song that has impacted the lives of many believers around the world. It declares trust in God, acknowledges His perfect love and provision, and invites believers to a lifestyle of continuous praise and thanksgiving. The song’s energetic musical style and emotive vocal arrangement create a dynamic worship experience that draws believers into God’s presence. Whether used in church services, worship gatherings, or personal devotions, “I Will Bless You Lord” is a song that resonates with the heart and stirs the soul, reminding believers of God’s goodness, faithfulness, and unchanging plan.

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