No Pain No Gain – Jesus said, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me


No Pain No Gain

No pain, no gain is a saying that can be very helpful when working out. You might feel like your body is giving up but you must continue to push through. It is often suggested that you try a particular type of exercise in order to increase your muscle mass. While it is true that the more difficult the exercise is, the higher the chance that you will make gains. This is especially true when it comes to weightlifting or aerobics workouts.

Why Does God Discipline His Children?

There are many reasons why God disciplines His children. Sometimes discipline is painful, but when done right, it results in peace. When the discipline of the Lord is followed, a child will bear peaceful fruit in the end. Here are some of those reasons. What is the purpose of discipline? Why is it important? – What is the result? – What can you expect from it?

No Pain No Gain - Why Does God Discipline His Children?

It is important to understand that suffering is part of God’s plan to discipline His children. It is a sign that He loves us and wants us to be righteous. If we would have read the Scriptures, we would have understood that God was disciplining His people. Despite the pain and the suffering, God disciplines His children to purify them from their sin and make them closer to Him.

What Does it Mean to Take Up Your Cross?

No Pain No Gain - Why Does God Discipline His Children?

Jesus said, “It is not easy to follow me; I must die to myself.” This statement evokes many emotions, from bitterness over past wrongs to boldness in the proclamation of the gospel. The cross is one of the most horrifying and traumatic things a person can face. But Jesus understood that carrying the cross was inevitable. He accepted it out of love for us. Though it is painful, the cross is worth it. The final triumph of God’s plan will be achieved and we will see Him on the third day.

The meaning of “a cross to bear” is not limited to following Jesus. It is the practice of denying the sinful aspects of ourselves and our lifestyle in order to follow Christ. This practice requires discipline and isn’t easy. However, it is vital to a person’s spiritual growth. Without discipline, they are not equipped to follow Christ. For this reason, Christians are encouraged to study the Bible in order to develop the strength they need to live a life of love.

What does it mean to take up your cross, and how can we practice it? In the New Testament, we are told to read the Bible and study the wordings that Jesus uses. We can study the Bible to grow in the way we should. Practicing discipline is like training a muscle, and it will become easier with practice. We must be committed to a daily discipline of the wording of the Cross, and the discipline must be a part of it.

Take Up Your Cross Daily and Follow Me

You may have heard the words “take up your cross” before in church, but what exactly does that mean? For Christians, it means denying sinful thoughts and actions, sacrificing your time, money, and comfort, and following Jesus. It’s difficult, but if you’re serious about becoming a disciple of Christ, taking up your cross daily can help. But how do you start?

Jesus’ words to his followers in the Bible speak to us about the need to follow Him. This means putting aside your worldly interests and choosing to live a life of service to others. As Christian, we should always be thanking God for bringing us to this point in our lives and for the opportunities to touch the lives of others. We should also continue to pray for His guidance and strength.

What does it mean to take up your cross? It means to give up your self-will. If you are angry and resentful, you must learn to forgive others. If you’re afraid of failure, you must be willing to suffer for your faith. And in the process, you’ll need to give up your possessions and use them to help others. But once you’ve done all this, the next step is to follow Jesus.


What is no pain no gain? This principle is simple to understand. In order to follow Christ, you must be willing to suffer in his name. That means that you must deny yourself and take up your cross. This is what it means to give your love to Jesus. However, it’s not as simple as that. Here is how it works. It’s important to remember that no one can give you anything without putting his life on the line.

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