The First Noel (Live) by Don Moen – First Baptist Jacksonville

Imagine yourself transported to a cold winter’s night, surrounded by peaceful shepherds and the harmonious tunes of Don Moen. In his live performance of “The First Noel” at First Baptist Jacksonville, Don Moen captivates the audience with his soulful rendition of this beloved Christmas carol. Through his powerful voice and heartfelt music, Moen transports you to a time and place where angels proclaimed the birth of the King of Israel to humble shepherds in the fields. As you listen to the gentle melody of “The First Noel,” you can’t help but be moved by the beauty and significance of this timeless hymn.

Don Moen’s live performance of “The First Noel” is a testament to his incredible talent and passion for spreading Christmas cheer. The video, posted by DonMoenTV, offers viewers the opportunity to experience Moen’s captivating performance from the comfort of their own homes. Alongside the performance, the video provides links for listeners to access the full Christmas album, as well as connect with Don Moen online through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Whether you’re a lifelong fan of Don Moen or simply appreciate the magic of Christmas music, “The First Noel (Live)” is sure to warm your heart and fill you with the joy of the holiday season.

The First Noel (Live) by Don Moen – First Baptist Jacksonville

Welcome to this comprehensive article about “The First Noel (Live)” by Don Moen, performed at First Baptist Jacksonville. In this article, we will explore the background, significance, and musical elements of this iconic Christmas song. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the magic of “The First Noel.”

About the Song


“The First Noel” is a traditional English Christmas carol. Its exact origin is unknown, but it is believed to have originated in the 16th century. The song has a rich history and has been passed down through generations as part of the Christmas tradition.


The song tells the story of the birth of Jesus Christ and the angelic announcement to the shepherds. It highlights the joyous occasion of the birth of the King of Israel and celebrates the hope and peace that Jesus brings to the world.


“The First Noel” is one of the most popular Christmas carols globally. Its timeless message and beautiful melody have resonated with people from various cultures and backgrounds. The song is frequently performed during Christmas concerts, church services, and holiday gatherings, making it an integral part of the festive season.


Don Moen

Don Moen is a renowned American Christian worship leader, singer, and songwriter. He gained international recognition for his heartfelt worship music and has released numerous albums throughout his career. Don Moen’s rendition of “The First Noel” showcases his exceptional vocal ability and his deep reverence for the Christmas story.


First Baptist Jacksonville

The live performance of “The First Noel” by Don Moen took place at First Baptist Jacksonville. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, First Baptist Jacksonville is a vibrant church with a rich history of community involvement and musical excellence. The church’s spacious auditorium provided an ideal setting for the performance, creating an intimate and immersive experience for the audience.


December 20, 2015

Don Moen’s rendition of “The First Noel” was performed on December 20, 2015, adding to the festive atmosphere of the holiday season. The timing of the performance allowed the audience to fully embrace the Christmas spirit and celebrate the birth of Jesus in a meaningful way.


Live Performance

“The First Noel” by Don Moen was performed live, adding an extra layer of authenticity and energy to the rendition. The live performance allowed Don Moen to connect with the audience on a deeper level, creating a memorable and immersive experience for both the performers and the listeners.



As a Christmas carol, “The First Noel” captures the essence of the holiday season. The song embodies the joy, love, and peace associated with Christmas and resonates with people worldwide, regardless of their religious beliefs. Its theme serves as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas and invites listeners to reflect on the significance of the birth of Jesus Christ.


“The First Noel” is a beautiful composition that tells the story of the angelic announcement to the shepherds. The lyrics depict the scene where the shepherds are visited by the angels, spreading the news of the birth of the King of Israel. The repetitive use of the word “Noel” adds a sense of jubilation and celebration to the song, emphasizing the joyous occasion it represents.

Musical Arrangement


Don Moen’s rendition of “The First Noel” falls under the genre of Christian worship music. The arrangement blends elements of traditional hymns with contemporary sound, creating a harmonious fusion that appeals to a wide range of listeners.


The musical arrangement of “The First Noel” features a variety of instruments that contribute to the overall sound and atmosphere of the song. The gentle piano melody sets the foundation, accompanied by acoustic guitars, strings, and subtle percussion. The instrumentation creates a warm and inviting ambiance, perfectly complementing Don Moen’s emotive vocal performance.

Vocal Performance

Don Moen’s remarkable vocal performance brings an emotional depth to “The First Noel.” His soothing and expressive voice adds reverence and authenticity to the song, capturing the awe and wonder of the Christmas narrative. Don Moen’s ability to convey the message of the lyrics through his vocals creates a powerful connection between the performer and the audience.

Audience Reception

Don Moen’s rendition of “The First Noel” received a highly positive response from the audience. The live performance allowed the listeners to engage with the song on a deeper level, creating an immersive experience that evoked feelings of joy and reverence. The audience resonated with the performance, expressing their appreciation through applause and enthusiastic participation.



“The First Noel” holds significant religious importance as it recounts the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. The song serves as a reminder of the central message of Christianity, highlighting the belief in Jesus as the Savior and the embodiment of hope and salvation. It prompts spiritual reflection and deepens the understanding of the Christmas story for believers.


“The First Noel” has become an integral part of Christmas celebrations worldwide, transcending religious boundaries. The song’s universality and timeless message of love and joy have made it a cherished piece of cultural heritage. Its melodic beauty and emotional resonance have touched people from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of unity and shared celebration during the holiday season.


On a personal level, “The First Noel” holds different meanings for each individual listener. It can evoke nostalgic memories, trigger emotions of joy and gratitude, or provide solace and comfort during challenging times. The song’s ability to resonate with people on a personal level underscores its significance in fostering a deeper connection with oneself and others during the Christmas season.

In conclusion, Don Moen’s live performance of “The First Noel” at First Baptist Jacksonville beautifully captures the essence of Christmas. Through its origins, meaning, and musical elements, the song transcends boundaries of culture and belief, connecting people with the timeless story of the birth of Jesus Christ. Whether it’s the uplifting lyrics, the mesmerizing musical arrangement, or the powerful vocal performance, “The First Noel” continues to hold a special place in the hearts of listeners, making it a cherished part of the Christmas tradition. So this holiday season, don’t forget to listen to this enchanting rendition and allow its message of love and joy to fill your heart.

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