Reckless Love” By Cory Asbury

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to embark on a journey of heart-stirring emotions as we explore the mesmerizing realm of “Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury. This soulful composition, brought to life by Asbury’s enchanting voice, captivates listeners with its poetic storytelling and raw vulnerability. Prepare to be swept away by the heartfelt lyrics and the undeniable power of love that knows no bounds. Brace yourself for an unforgettable musical experience that will leave you longing for more.

Background of the Song

“Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury is a profoundly moving and inspiring worship song that has captivated listeners across the world. Released in 2017, the song quickly gained popularity and became a staple in Christian worship culture. Let’s delve into the meaning of the lyrics, the inspiration behind the song, its release, and its subsequent rise to fame.

Meaning of the lyrics

The lyrics of “Reckless Love” convey a powerful message about the overwhelming, immeasurable, and unconditional love of God. Cory Asbury beautifully expresses the idea that God’s love is relentless and unwavering, going to extraordinary lengths to pursue and embrace each individual. The word “reckless” used in the lyrics implies that God’s love is unreserved, extravagant, and even daring in its intensity. It challenges the notion of conventional love, illustrating that God’s love transcends human comprehension and logic.

Inspiration behind the song

“Reckless Love” was inspired by the extraordinary love that Cory Asbury witnessed firsthand in his own life and experiences. He was deeply moved by the relentless pursuit of God, who never gives up on us despite our flaws and shortcomings. Asbury wanted to capture this unconditional love in a song that would resonate with people and remind them of God’s unwavering affection. It was his desire to craft a song that would inspire individuals to truly comprehend and embrace the depth of God’s love for them.

Release and popularity

“Reckless Love” was released on January 20, 2017, as part of Cory Asbury’s album titled “Reckless Love.” Following its release, the song quickly gained attention and touched the hearts of people worldwide. It resonated not only with Christian listeners but also with individuals from various backgrounds and faiths. The song’s popularity spread rapidly through internet platforms, social media, and word-of-mouth. In a short span of time, “Reckless Love” became a global sensation and a testament to the profound impact of music in connecting people to their faith.

Musical Composition

The musical composition of “Reckless Love” beautifully complements the emotive lyrics, enhancing the overall impact of the song. Let’s explore the genre and style of the song, the instrumentation utilized, and the remarkable vocal performance by Cory Asbury.

Genre and style

“Reckless Love” can be categorized under the contemporary Christian genre, with elements of worship music. It exudes a captivating blend of soft rock and pop, featuring melodic hooks and heartfelt lyrics. The song’s style is both intimate and anthemic, creating an atmosphere of reverence and praise.


The instrumentation of “Reckless Love” is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of emotional resonance. The song primarily relies on a combination of piano, electric guitar, and drums to create a powerful and dynamic musical landscape. The integration of these instruments, along with subtle yet impactful orchestration, elevates the song’s intensity and builds a strong foundation for the lyrics to shine.

Vocal performance

Cory Asbury delivers a mesmerizing vocal performance in “Reckless Love.” His tone is rich and soulful, infused with a genuine and heartfelt expression of worship. Asbury’s vocal range allows him to effortlessly soar through the song’s melodies, capturing the essence of vulnerability, adoration, and awe. His delivery brings the lyrics to life, inviting listeners to experience the profound love of God through the power of his voice.

Lyrics Analysis

The lyrics of “Reckless Love” delve deep into profound themes, employ biblical references, and leave a lasting impact on listeners. Let’s explore these aspects further and uncover the key themes, the biblical connections, and the song’s overall impact on its audience.

Key themes

At the core of “Reckless Love” lies the theme of God’s unconditional love. It emphasizes the idea that God’s love does not depend on our worthiness or merit. Instead, it underscores the reality that God’s love reaches even the darkest corners of our lives, embracing us fully and unconditionally. The lyrics evoke the themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the transformative power of God’s love.

Biblical references

“Reckless Love” draws inspiration from various biblical passages that highlight God’s astounding love. It echoes the parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15:3-7, emphasizing God’s relentless pursuit of the one who strays. Additionally, the song holds echoes of the biblical concept of God’s unchanging and everlasting love as depicted in Jeremiah 31:3 and Psalm 100:5. These biblical references deepen the song’s connection to the Christian faith and resonate deeply with listeners.

Impact on listeners

“Reckless Love” has had a profound impact on listeners worldwide. The lyrics and melody provide solace, hope, and a sense of reassurance to those who may feel unworthy or distant from God’s love. The authenticity and vulnerability in Cory Asbury’s delivery allow listeners to connect with the song on a deeply personal level, encouraging them to reflect on their own experiences and relationship with God. The song’s impact extends beyond the realm of music, leaving an indelible mark on individuals’ faith journeys.

Reception and Impact

The release of “Reckless Love” garnered significant attention and acclaim within the Christian music community. Let’s explore the critical reception, awards and accolades received, and the broader impact that the song has had on worship culture.

Critical reception

“Reckless Love” received widespread critical acclaim upon its release. Music critics praised Cory Asbury’s songwriting abilities, describing the lyrics as powerful and heartfelt. The song’s infectious melody and its ability to resonate with listeners from diverse backgrounds were also highlighted. Critics lauded the song for its impact on the listeners’ spiritual lives, noting how it served as a reminder of God’s boundless love.

Awards and accolades

The immense popularity and impact of “Reckless Love” were recognized through numerous awards and accolades. The song earned Cory Asbury two nominations at the 2019 Grammy Awards, including Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song and Best Contemporary Christian Music Album. Additionally, “Reckless Love” secured the position of Song of the Year at the 2019 K-LOVE Fan Awards, solidifying its place as a beloved and impactful Christian worship song.

Impact on worship culture

“Reckless Love” has significantly influenced contemporary worship culture, cementing itself as a cornerstone in many churches and worship services. The song’s accessibility, anthemic nature, and powerful message of God’s love have made it a favorite among worship leaders and congregations worldwide. It has sparked a renewed focus on the themes of intimacy with God, gratitude, and the personal aspects of faith. The song’s impact on worship culture continues to grow, as it serves as a unifying expression of devotion and adoration.

Chart Performance

“Reckless Love” exhibited remarkable success on international music charts, resonating with listeners across various countries. Let’s explore its international chart success, rankings on Billboard, and the certifications and sales it achieved.

International chart success

“Reckless Love” achieved tremendous success on international music charts. It reached the top positions on the Christian charts in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The song’s broad appeal and powerful message propelled it to the forefront of the contemporary Christian music scene, transcending language and cultural barriers.

Billboard rankings

On the Billboard charts, “Reckless Love” made a significant impact. It peaked at number one on the Hot Christian Songs chart, spending an impressive number of weeks in the top position. The song also secured a spot on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching a remarkable position considering its genre and the competition in mainstream music.

Certifications and sales

“Reckless Love” has achieved notable certifications and sales figures. In the United States, it went on to receive Platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), denoting over one million units sold. The song’s success in sales is a testament to its popularity and enduring impact on listeners.

Live Performances and Covers

“Reckless Love” has been performed live at numerous venues and events, captivating audiences with its powerful lyrics and heartfelt delivery. Let’s explore some of the notable live performances, cover versions by other artists, and the influence the song has had on worship services.

Notable live performances

Cory Asbury has performed “Reckless Love” live at prestigious events, such as the K-LOVE Fan Awards and the GMA Dove Awards. His passionate rendition of the song, combined with the audience’s enthusiasm and participation, creates an electrifying atmosphere of worship and praise. These live performances have served as a catalyst for connecting individuals to the profound message of God’s love.

Cover versions by other artists

“Reckless Love” has inspired numerous cover versions by artists across different genres and musical backgrounds. Artists such as Kari Jobe, Bethel Music, and Passion have released their interpretations of the song, each bringing their unique style and interpretation to the lyrics. These cover versions have further propelled the song’s popularity and expanded its reach, allowing it to touch the lives of even more individuals.

Influence on worship services

“Reckless Love” has had a transformative impact on worship services around the world. It has become a staple in congregational singing, with its powerful message resonating deeply within the hearts of worshippers. The song’s ability to create an atmosphere of intimacy and surrender makes it a go-to choice for churches and worship teams seeking to connect with their congregation on a spiritual and emotional level. The influence of “Reckless Love” in worship services continues to grow, serving as a cornerstone for collective praise and adoration.

Cultural and Religious Influence

The cultural and religious influence of “Reckless Love” is far-reaching, extending beyond the confines of the Christian faith. Let’s delve into the impact it has had on the Christian faith, personal worship experiences, and its relevance in contemporary Christian music.

Influence on Christian faith

“Reckless Love” has greatly influenced the Christian faith, reminding believers of the depths of God’s love. The song has become a powerful tool for believers to internalize and express their devotion to God. It has led individuals to reevaluate their understanding of God’s love, fostering a deeper sense of awe, gratitude, and trust in their spiritual journey. Through its message of unconditional love, “Reckless Love” continues to inspire Christians to pursue a closer relationship with God.

Impact on personal worship experiences

Individually, “Reckless Love” has impacted countless personal worship experiences. The lyrics resonate with individuals, providing them with a source of comfort, encouragement, and reassurance. Many listeners have shared stories of how the song has helped them through difficult times, serving as a reminder of God’s presence and unfailing love. “Reckless Love” has transformed private moments of worship into profound encounters with the divine.

Relevance in contemporary Christian music

“Reckless Love” has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of contemporary Christian music. Its ability to transcend traditional boundaries and resonate with a broad audience has influenced songwriters and artists in their approach to crafting meaningful and authentic worship music. The song’s profound impact on listeners has led to a shift in the industry, with a greater emphasis on vulnerability, intimacy, and the personal aspects of faith. “Reckless Love” continues to inspire new generations of musicians and worship leaders to create music that touches hearts and connects individuals to God.

Legacy and Continuing Popularity

“Reckless Love” has established itself as a timeless and iconic worship song. Let’s explore its longevity in worship repertoire, continued radio play and streaming success, as well as the countless fan and listener testimonials that showcase its enduring popularity.

Longevity in worship repertoire

“Reckless Love” has etched its place in the canon of worship repertoire. Its timeless message and powerful melody have solidified its position as a fixture in churches and worship gatherings for years to come. Worship teams continually include “Reckless Love” in their rotations, ensuring that its impact is felt in congregational worship across the globe.

Continued radio play and streaming success

“Reckless Love” continues to receive significant radio play and streaming success. The song’s resonance with listeners, combined with its enduring popularity, has resulted in consistent airplay on Christian radio stations. Moreover, streaming platforms have contributed to the song’s continued presence and accessibility, allowing new listeners to discover and engage with its powerful message.

Fan and listener testimonials

Countless testimonials from fans and listeners serve as a testament to the profound impact of “Reckless Love” on their lives. Many have shared their stories of experiencing healing, restoration, and a renewed sense of faith through the song. Testimonials speak of the song’s ability to touch hearts, deepen relationships with God, and provide an anchor during turbulent times. Fan and listener testimonials illustrate the lasting impact of “Reckless Love” beyond its musicality, demonstrating its timeless significance.

Personal Testimonies

The personal testimonies surrounding “Reckless Love” shed light on the song’s transformative power and connection to individual experiences. Let’s explore stories of how the song has impacted individuals, testimonies of changed lives, and the deep connection individuals have with the lyrics.

Stories of how the song has impacted individuals

Numerous individuals have shared stories of how “Reckless Love” has impacted their lives in profound ways. From experiencing breakthroughs in their personal struggles to finding solace and acceptance in God’s love, listeners have found a personal connection to the song that transcends its musicality. “Reckless Love” has served as a catalyst for transformation and a reminder of God’s unwavering presence.

Testimonies of changed lives

The testimonies of changed lives through “Reckless Love” are a testament to the song’s impact. Stories of individuals finding their faith renewed, embracing a deeper understanding of God’s love, and experiencing personal transformation flood in from all corners of the world. The song has led to spiritual awakenings, inspired acts of kindness, and served as an anchor in times of doubt and despair.

Connection to personal experiences

Listeners often describe an uncanny connection between the lyrics of “Reckless Love” and their personal experiences. The song’s ability to tap into the raw emotions and struggles of individuals creates an atmosphere of vulnerability and authenticity. Many find solace in knowing that they are not alone and that God’s love is relentless, pursuing them even in their darkest moments. The personal connection listeners have with “Reckless Love” highlights its unique ability to speak directly to the human heart.


In conclusion, “Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury has captured the hearts of millions with its powerful message and emotive delivery. Through its heartfelt lyrics, the song encapsulates the boundless and relentless love of God, reminding listeners of their inherent worth and the transformative power of that love. With its unforgettable melody, impactful vocals, and profound themes, “Reckless Love” continues to leave an indelible mark on the worship culture, personal worship experiences, and contemporary Christian music landscape. As the song’s legacy endures and its popularity continues to grow, its significance remains unwavering, offering comfort, inspiration, and a profound connection to the divine for generations to come.

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