Restoring Broken Relationships – Romans 4:17

Restoring Broken Relationships

Restoring Broken Relationships: It relates to salvation and the nature of genuine saving faith. It sets grace, promise, and faith in direct contrast with the law and works.

The phrase, “I have made you a father of many nations” is in a perfect tense, signifying permanence (as God includes Gentiles as well as Jews). It shows that God’s promise was never dependent on Abraham’s ability to fulfill it.

God Can Deliver You

We all face moments when we are at a dead end. Maybe we are sick or our business is failing, or a family member has been lost or an addiction has gotten out of control. When you reach a point where you know that nothing can help you, then you need the supernatural intervention of God to deliver you from your situation.

Hezekiah was one of God’s most faithful servants, yet he found himself at a point of complete impossibility. Satan was aiming his most intense weapons at this spiritual giant because Hezekiah’s life and ministry were based upon obedience to the Law.

The Bible is clear that God has a plan to deliver His people. Whether it takes opening the Red Sea, miracle bread, an ark, or angel escorts, God will do whatever it takes to spare His people from fiery trials and temptations. Yet, the WOF (Word of Faith) movement misrepresents Romans 4:17 and treats God like a cosmic genie that can be summoned by lying confessions.

God Can Restore Your Relationships

The Bible has many wonderful teachings for mending broken relationships. God is a master of restoration, so He can restore your relationship with Him and with the person you love most.

But mending a relationship is hard work and requires two people willing to put in the time. Forgiveness is also important, and the Bible calls us to forgive as Christ has forgave us.

In the Word of Faith (WOF) movement, Romans 4:17 is used to teach “name it – claim it — frame it.” This means that if you name something, then continue to proclaim and believe that it exists, eventually you will receive it. For example, if you name and continually claim that you have a new red convertible Mercedes, then in time, you will receive it.

God can save your relationship, but you must be open to Him and willing to work on it. He can help you mend the brokenness, heal the wounds, and revive the dead romance.

God Can Restore Your Dreams

When your dreams seem to be dead or in a tomb, God can restore them. He is the God who raises the dead, and He can bring life to your marriage, finances, health, faith, and whatever else looks hopeless.

Martha’s brother Lazarus died, and Jesus’ delayed arrival shattered her dreams. But the Lord was planning to give her and her family a new dream. He would return them to their Zion and restore their fortunes like streams in the desert (Jer 29:11).

Some Word of Faith (WOF) groups misuse Romans 4:17 to teach what is known as the “name it – claim it – frame it” doctrine. They use this verse to teach that a person can “name” something they want – such as a red convertible Mercedes – “claim it” by continuously declaring it, and then if they continue to do so ‘frame it’ in their life. This is a false teaching that does not teach the truth of Romans 4:17.

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