The Final Plague

The Final Plague – Exodus 12:29-30

God sent plagues to Egypt to show the people that He alone is the One True God and that they should worship Him instead of the gods they had. The first plague struck the land and lasted for days (Exodus 7:20-25).

The last plague is described in verse 29. It was a terrible death that happened to all of the firstborn males in all of the houses.

This was a very dreadful time for all of the Egyptians. They had just waited for so many years to be freed from slavery, and now the Lord was going to send this dreadful death upon them!

What makes this plague so dreadful is that it came at midnight, the most dreaded hour for the Egyptians. It would have been hard for them to sleep because they knew that at any moment, they might hear the screams of their loved ones being killed.

This is the same dreadful night that we will see at the end of time when Christ returns to earth to judge sinners. The cries of the dead will rise up to the heavens and they will all be wailing with great grief, as Jesus did in His final hours before He ascended back to heaven.

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