The Last Supper: Communion of Love

Welcome! Have you ever wondered about the significance of the Last Supper in the Easter Bible story? Join us as we delve into Luke 22 and explore this remarkable event through the eyes of kids. Let’s unravel the lessons, the love, and the faith intertwined in this iconic moment. Get ready to embark on a journey that will captivate your heart and illuminate the true meaning of Easter. So, are you ready? Let’s dive into the Last Supper story together and discover the treasures it holds for you. It’s time to share in the faith, hope, and joy that this extraordinary event brings. Your Easter adventure begins now!


In the biblical narrative, the Last Supper holds a significant place as a momentous event that transpired prior to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Luke 22 presents a compelling account of this emotional episode, and Sharefaith Kids offers a Luke 22 Kids Bible Story that aims to inspire and educate children about the depth of this biblical tale. With the incorporation of interactive elements, Sharefaith Kids ensures an engaging learning experience for young ones. Let’s delve into the details of this captivating story and explore how Sharefaith Kids truly brings it to life.

The Sunday School Lesson

  1. Video Presentation: Sharefaith Kids provides an immersive video presentation that vividly depicts the Last Supper. Children can visualize the scene, making it easier for them to connect with the story on a deeper level.
  2. Slideshow: Alongside the video, a slideshow complements the narrative, illustrating key moments and characters. This visual aid helps reinforce the children’s understanding and enhances their overall learning experience.
  3. Q&A Session: Sharefaith Kids values interaction and encourages children to actively participate in the learning process. A Q&A session follows the video and slideshow, promoting critical thinking and allowing children to ask questions, fostering engagement and comprehension.
  4. Printable Activities: To supplement the lesson, Sharefaith Kids provides printable activities that can be easily accessed, downloaded, and printed. These activities include coloring pages, puzzles, and quizzes, facilitating hands-on learning and further reinforcing the lesson content.

Preparation and Convenience

Preparing a lesson for Sunday School can often be time-consuming and overwhelming for teachers. Sharefaith Kids understands this challenge and has meticulously designed its curriculum for effortless preparation. With less than 15 minutes required to prepare the Sunday School lesson, educators can effectively utilize their time while ensuring an engaging and informative experience for the children.

Moreover, the Sharefaith Kids app delivers utmost convenience by providing access to Sunday School Lessons on the go. This feature is particularly beneficial for busy parents and educators who may need to access the curriculum from various locations. With just a few taps, they can access the entire library of Sharefaith Kids resources, including lessons, videos, and more.

Unlimited Access and Affordability

Sharefaith Kids is committed to making quality, faith-based education accessible to as many children as possible. Through their subscription model, Sharefaith Kids offers unlimited access to two years’ worth of lessons. With subscriptions starting at just $40 per month, educators and parents can affordably provide their children with valuable biblical education. This pricing model ensures that financial limitations do not hinder a child’s access to enlightening content.

Enhancing the Storytelling Experience

Every carefully crafted Sharefaith Kids lesson incorporates music and sound effects that help elevate the storytelling experience. The music and sound effects are purchased and licensed from reputable sources like and, ensuring the highest quality audio.

When children watch the Last Supper video, the background music injects an emotional depth that enhances their engagement with the story. The sound effects further immerse the children in the narrative, making it a captivating and memorable experience.

The Last Supper: A Synopsis

In Luke 22, the biblical account illustrates the plot of religious leaders to eliminate Jesus. This nefarious plan eventually leads to Judas betraying Jesus to these leaders, setting the stage for the eventful Last Supper.

Jesus, aware of the looming danger, sends Peter and John to find a suitable location for the Passover meal. Following their successful search, Jesus shares the meal with his disciples, expressing gratitude and breaking bread together.

During the meal, Jesus reveals that one of his own disciples will betray him. This revelation surprises and saddens the disciples, and Judas is identified as the betrayer. This pivotal moment signifies the beginning of Jesus’ journey towards the fulfillment of his divine purpose.

At the Last Supper, Jesus imparts lessons on humility and the importance of serving others. He assures his disciples that those who follow his teachings will be rewarded with a place in his kingdom in the future, instilling hope and inspiring devotion among his followers.


Sharefaith Kids takes the Last Supper narrative from Luke 22 and transforms it into an interactive and engaging experience for children. With its thoughtfully designed curriculum, incorporating videos, slideshows, Q&A sessions, and printable activities, Sharefaith Kids ensures that children not only learn about this significant biblical event but also connect with it emotionally and spiritually.

Through their commitment to accessibility and affordability, Sharefaith Kids makes quality biblical education achievable for children from all walks of life. By bringing in licensed music and sound effects, the storytelling experience is elevated, leaving a lasting impression on young minds.

Incorporate Sharefaith Kids into your Sunday School curriculum or home-based learning to provide children with an enlightening and memorable exploration of the Last Supper. Witness firsthand how Sharefaith Kids empowers children to embrace their faith and develop a deep understanding of biblical stories.

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