Don Moen – God Will Make A Way (Live) – Performance at First Baptist Jacksonville

In this captivating live performance by Don Moen at First Baptist Jacksonville, he sings the powerful and uplifting song “God Will Make A Way.” The video, shared by DonMoenTV, showcases Don Moen’s incredible vocal talent and passion for spreading the message of hope and faith. With his heartfelt lyrics and powerful voice, Don Moen reminds us that even in our darkest moments, God will make a way for us. This performance is sure to inspire and uplift your spirits, reminding you of the strength and love that God provides.

With captivating lyrics such as “He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way for me,” Don Moen’s performance at First Baptist Jacksonville is a powerful reminder of the unwavering love and strength of God. Through his beautiful song and heartfelt delivery, Don Moen reminds us that no matter the challenges we face, God will always be there to guide us and make a way for us. This live performance is filled with passion, emotion, and a clear message of hope, making it a must-watch for anyone seeking inspiration and reassurance. So sit back, relax, and let Don Moen’s incredible talent and uplifting words fill your heart with hope and faith.

Title: Don Moen – God Will Make A Way (Live) – Performance at First Baptist Jacksonville


Welcome to this comprehensive article about Don Moen’s performance of “God Will Make A Way” at First Baptist Jacksonville. Don Moen is a renowned Christian worship leader, singer, and songwriter, and this song holds a special place in the hearts of many believers. In this article, we will explore the background of Don Moen and the song itself, discuss the significance of the performance at First Baptist Jacksonville, and delve into the meaning and message behind the powerful lyrics.

Background of Don Moen and the Song

Don Moen’s Background

Don Moen is a highly respected figure in the realm of contemporary Christian music. Born on June 29, 1950, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Don began his music career as a church pianist. He rose to prominence while working with Integrity Music, where he served as the president for many years. Don Moen has released numerous albums throughout his career and has penned several popular worship songs.

The Song – God Will Make A Way

“God Will Make A Way” is one of Don Moen’s most beloved songs. Written by Don Moen and Debbye Graafsma, it was released in 1990 as the title track of his album. The song’s message revolves around the unwavering faith that God will provide a way even when it seems impossible. Its uplifting lyrics and soothing melody have touched the hearts of countless individuals and continue to inspire many to trust in God’s faithfulness.

Performance at First Baptist Jacksonville

Date of Performance

Don Moen’s performance of “God Will Make A Way” took place on December 20, 2015, at First Baptist Jacksonville. This date marked a significant moment for those in attendance, as they had the opportunity to experience the song’s powerful message firsthand.

Venue – First Baptist Jacksonville

First Baptist Jacksonville, located in Jacksonville, Florida, is a prominent church known for its vibrant worship services and commitment to spreading the Gospel. The venue provided an ideal setting for Don Moen’s live performance, allowing congregants and visitors to engage in heartfelt worship and connect with God through music.

Don Moen’s Online Presence


Don Moen maintains an active presence on Facebook, where he shares updates about his music, upcoming events, and words of encouragement. By following his Facebook page, you can stay connected with the latest news regarding Don Moen and his ministry.


Don Moen is also active on Twitter, where he shares inspirational messages, Bible verses, and interacts with his followers. Twitter provides a platform for fans and supporters to engage with Don Moen directly and stay updated on his endeavors.


Fans of Don Moen can also follow him on Instagram, where he shares personal glimpses into his life, behind-the-scenes moments, and snippets of his music. By following him on this visual platform, you can gain further insight into his journey as an artist and his dedication to spreading the love of Christ.


Don Moen’s YouTube channel, DonMoenTV, is a treasure trove of worship videos, live performances, and testimonies. By subscribing to his channel, you can access a diverse collection of content that will deepen your understanding of his ministry and allow you to engage with his music on-demand.

Lyrics of God Will Make A Way

Chorus 1

God will make a way Where there seems to be no way He works in ways we cannot see He will make a way for me He will be my guide Hold me closely to His side With love and strength For each new day He will make a way He will make a way

Verse 1

By a roadway in the wilderness, He’ll lead me And rivers in the desert will I see Heaven and earth will fade But His Word will still remain He will do something new today

Meaning and Message of the Song

“God Will Make A Way” carries a profound message of hope and trust in God’s providence. The lyrics remind listeners that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, God is faithful and will pave a path where there appears to be none. The song speaks to the enduring nature of God’s Word and the assurance that He will always be there to guide and strengthen us. It encourages believers to hold on to their faith and embrace the new things that God is doing in their lives.

Significance of the Performance

Don Moen’s live performance of “God Will Make A Way” at First Baptist Jacksonville holds significant meaning for both the artist and the audience. As a seasoned worship leader, Moen’s heartfelt rendition of this beloved song allows individuals to connect with the deeper spiritual truths it embodies. The performance serves as a moment of worship and reflection, inviting believers to draw closer to God and find solace in His promises.


Don Moen’s performance of “God Will Make A Way” at First Baptist Jacksonville is a testament to the enduring power of worship music and its ability to touch lives. Through his heartfelt rendition, Moen beautifully conveyed the song’s message of unwavering faith and hope in God’s provision. As we listen to the lyrics and reflect on their meaning, may we be reminded of the unchanging nature of God and His ability to make a way where there seems to be no way.

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