Trusting God – Everything Happens For A Reason

Trusting God, whether facing an enormous Goliath in life or just everyday stuff that comes your way, is always wise. Spending time in His Word will teach you this truth: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; submit yourself in all ways to him and he will make your path straight.


Abraham is one of the best-known biblical characters, revered for his faith and obedience in believing God’s promises.

Abram obeyed God’s call to leave his home and go to a land He promised him; He made three promises – land, a great nation, and blessing (Genesis 12).

Even in your most trying times, you can trust in God’s plan. His unchanging and reliable promises give you security in these uncertain times.

Trusting God means more than believing His words – it means choosing to trust Him even when your feelings or circumstances suggest otherwise. Challenging situations and painful losses are integral parts of growth; when such times arise we must place our faith and reliance on the one person who never disappoints: Jesus. He remains constant today as He was yesterday.


God calls Moses to lead his people out of Egyptian captivity, much against his will, yet reluctantly obeys. This story represents universal themes and symbols about personal identity, purpose, and divine involvement in human affairs.

Trusting in God allowed a man to realize that they weren’t alone and was protected from harm. These individuals don’t rely on material possessions like money, health, and power as sources of security; God promises they’ll always be taken care of!

The Lord promised Moses that He would send Aaron and supernatural powers to help convince Pharaoh of God’s message while assuring him He will always be with them every step of the way; He remains constant; no matter when or where one may look He remains unchanging and always delivers on what was promised in the beginning.


Trusting God should be more than an emotional decision – it’s an active decision we need to make in our daily lives, particularly when times become uncertain or stressful. Trusting in Him comes easier when things are smooth sailing; when things start falling apart it can be more challenging.

Assuring yourself of God’s care is easier when you’re kneeling in prayer or worshipping in His Presence, but when faced with Goliath-sized problems it may become challenging. At such times, it is crucial to turn back to Him because He never changes and always remains present – protecting you just like He protected His people throughout history! He alone is trustworthy – everything else will let you down eventually but He won’t. Trust in Him today and always.


Christians believe that everything happens for a purpose, while non-believers typically dismiss this assertion because natural forces alone can fully explain events without God being involved. Yet those who know Jesus Christ know His hand is upon all things and that His plan always works out in our favor.

Trusting God requires holding tight even when our circumstances seem impossible or hopeless, like when that tourist held on tightly during his terrifying two-minute flight in his hang glider. That “holy stubbornness” keeps us close to Him even when life seems frightening or we don’t understand what’s happening around us.

Prayer can be an effective tool to keep you focused on trusting God even during difficult times or the unknown. Our free war binder resources are here to help you establish a daily prayer routine that honors the Lord. While developing full trust may take some practice, over time this skill becomes easier.

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