Desperate for You: Surrendering All

Are you longing to find a deep sense of surrender and connection? Look no further than the powerful worship song “I Surrender” by Hillsong Worship. In this captivating video, Hillsong Worship brings forth a soul-stirring rendition of the song, accompanied by heartfelt lyrics that reflect a deep yearning for a deeper relationship with God. With lyrics like “Here I am, down on my knees again, surrendering all,” and “Lord, have Your way in me,” this song serves as a reminder of the importance of surrendering our lives completely to God. Through the stunning visuals and passionate vocals, this video offers a powerful worship experience that is sure to leave you hungering and thirsting for more of God’s presence.

Surrendering all can be a challenging concept, but this song beautifully captures the desire to let go of control and surrender to God’s will. As the lyrics state, “With arms stretched wide, I know You hear my cry,” there is a humbling invitation to lay down our burdens and allow God to speak to our hearts. Joined by a bridge that compares God’s presence to a rushing wind and a mighty storm, this song encourages us to invite God to have His way in our lives. So if you’re desperate for a deeper connection with God, “I Surrender” by Hillsong Worship is a powerful anthem that will lead you on a journey of surrender and draw you closer to the heart of God.

Desperate for You: Surrendering All


In the fast-paced and ever-changing world we live in, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. We often find ourselves searching for something that can bring us peace, purpose, and fulfillment. It is in these moments of desperation that we turn to something greater than ourselves. For many, that something is a deep and personal relationship with God.

The song “I Surrender” by Hillsong Worship beautifully captures the essence of surrendering all to God. It is a heartfelt cry for God’s presence and a willingness to let go of control. The song takes us on a journey of surrender, hunger, and thirst for a deeper relationship with God. Through powerful lyrics and a captivating melody, it speaks to the deep longing within our hearts to know and be known by our Creator.

Verse 1: Surrendering All

The first verse of the song paints a picture of complete surrender. It begins with the vulnerable image of being down on one’s knees, a physical posture that symbolizes humility and submission. It is an act of surrendering all, laying down our own wants and desires in order to fully embrace God’s will.

In this state of surrender, we express our desperation for God. We recognize our need for Him and acknowledge that our own efforts are not enough. True surrender requires letting go of our own understanding and inviting God to guide our steps. It is in this surrender that we find ourselves drawn near to Him, experiencing His presence and grace in a profound way.

Desperate for You: Surrendering All

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Chorus 1: I surrender

The chorus echoes the theme of surrender from the verse, emphasizing its power and significance in our lives. By declaring “I surrender,” we are not only acknowledging our dependence on God, but we are also actively choosing to submit to His will. It is a commitment to follow Him wholeheartedly, trusting that His plans are greater than our own.

Surrendering to God means letting go of control and allowing Him to lead us. It requires a willingness to align our desires with His, even if it means stepping out into the unknown. This act of surrender opens the door for God to work in our lives, transforming us and guiding us towards His purpose for us.

Verse 2: Hunger and Thirst

The second verse of the song delves deeper into our spiritual hunger and thirst for more of God. It is a recognition that we were created for a relationship with our Creator and that our souls long for His mercy and grace. This hunger and thirst can only be satisfied by drawing nearer to God and seeking a deeper connection with Him.

In the midst of our longing, we understand that God hears our cries and is always attentive to our needs. We invite Him to speak to us, to guide us, and to reveal more of Himself to us. This verse reminds us that our pursuit of God is not in vain; instead, it is a journey of continuous growth and transformation.

Desperate for You: Surrendering All

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Chorus 2: Knowing You More

The second chorus builds upon the foundation of surrender and hunger established in the previous sections. It highlights the desire to know God more intimately, to discover His character and experience His love in a profound way. This pursuit of intimacy with God is a lifelong journey that goes beyond head knowledge and touches the depths of our hearts.

Knowing God more intimately leads to a transformation within us. As we learn more about His love, grace, and faithfulness, we are changed from the inside out. Our desires align with His, our perspective shifts, and we begin to reflect His character in our daily lives. This is the power and beauty of knowing God more.

Bridge: Lord, Have Your Way

The bridge of the song articulates a deep surrender to God’s plan and purpose in our lives. It uses powerful imagery to illustrate the impact of yielding to God’s Spirit. Like a rushing wind or a mighty storm, we invite God to stir within our souls, to breathe life into us, and reshape us according to His will.

This bridge creates a sense of awe and surrender, acknowledging that God’s ways are higher than our own. It invites us to let go of our preconceived notions and plans, and instead, embrace the limitless possibilities that come from following God’s lead. It is a bold declaration that we trust in His sovereignty and are open to His work in our lives.


The song “I Surrender” serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of surrendering all to God. It speaks to the longing within us to know and be known by our Creator. Through surrender, hunger, and pursuit of intimacy with God, we find fulfillment, purpose, and growth.

Surrendering all to God is not a one-time event, but a continual journey. It requires us to lay down our own desires and preferences, and seek God’s will above all else. In this surrender, we experience revival in our spirits and find the strength to navigate life’s challenges.

May we always be willing to surrender, to hunger and thirst for more of God, and to invite Him to have His way in our lives. As we do so, we will witness the transformative power of total surrender and experience the depths of God’s love and grace.

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