Thank You Lord – Don Moen (Live)

The article titled “Thank You Lord – Don Moen (Live)” is a captivating live performance of the song “Thank You Lord” by Don Moen. The video, uploaded on DonMoenTV, showcases the heartfelt gratitude expressed through music and lyrics. Don Moen’s performance at First Baptist Jacksonville on December 20, 2015, is a powerful rendition of the song, accompanied by a talented choir and musical instruments. The song emphasizes the importance of gratitude and the blessings we receive from the Lord, urging listeners to thank Him for all He has done in their lives.

In the video, Don Moen leads the audience in singing along to the uplifting and cheerful melody. The lyrics of the song reflect on the goodness and faithfulness of God, expressing gratitude for His provision, healing, and redemption. Throughout the performance, Don Moen encourages the audience to join in with heartfelt appreciation, reminding them that giving thanks is a beautiful and meaningful act. The video concludes with an expression of gratitude for God’s love, mercy, and grace, leaving the audience inspired and thankful.

Title: Thank You Lord – Don Moen (Live)


The song “Thank You Lord” by Don Moen is a powerful expression of gratitude and praise to the Lord for His blessings and faithfulness. This live performance, recorded at First Baptist Jacksonville on December 20, 2015, showcases the heartfelt worship of Don Moen and the congregation. In this article, we will explore the significance of giving thanks to the Lord, analyze the lyrics of the song, and delve into the background of Don Moen.

Verse 1

The first verse of “Thank You Lord” begins with the heartfelt declaration of coming before the Lord. The lyrics express a deep desire to express gratitude for all that the Lord has given, both seen and unseen. In this verse, Don Moen acknowledges the abundant blessings received from the Lord.


The pre-chorus section of the song holds a significant meaning. It emphasizes the importance of having a grateful heart and offering a song of praise to the Lord. The outstretched arm signifies a posture of blessing and adoration towards God. It is a powerful reminder to bless the name of the Lord with thanksgiving.


The chorus of “Thank You Lord” is a repeated expression of gratitude. It conveys the simple yet profound desire to thank the Lord wholeheartedly. Through this repetition, Don Moen emphasizes the importance of expressing gratitude to the Lord for His goodness and provision.

Verse 2

The second verse continues the theme of gratitude, highlighting the transformative power of the Lord’s presence in one’s life. The lyrics speak of the Lord taking away darkness and replacing it with His light. It acknowledges the Lord’s redemptive work, healing not just physical sickness but also shame and sin.

Thank You Lord – Meaning

The song “Thank You Lord” carries a powerful message of gratitude towards the Lord. It encourages believers to appreciate God’s goodness and provision in their lives. It serves as a reminder to always offer thanks to the Lord for His faithfulness and mercy. The lyrics speak to the transformative power of gratitude and the impact it can have on one’s spiritual journey.

Don Moen – Background

Don Moen is a renowned American singer, songwriter, and worship leader. With a career spanning over three decades, Moen has made significant contributions to the world of Christian music. His songs, characterized by their heartfelt worship and powerful messages, have resonated with audiences worldwide. Moen’s style and genre encompass contemporary Christian music, with a focus on praise and worship.

First Baptist Jacksonville

The live performance of “Thank You Lord” took place at First Baptist Jacksonville, a well-known church located in Jacksonville, Florida. As a vibrant and thriving congregation, First Baptist Jacksonville has a rich history of impactful worship services. The recording of Don Moen’s live performance at this church captures the communal worship experience in a powerful and captivating way.

Date of Performance

The live recording of “Thank You Lord” featuring Don Moen took place on December 20, 2015. This special performance allowed the congregation to join Moen in expressing their gratitude and praise to the Lord during the holiday season.

Thank You Lord – Lyrics

The lyrics of “Thank You Lord” are a heartfelt expression of gratitude and praise. They convey the joyous declaration of thanks for all that the Lord has done. The repetition of the chorus serves as a reminder to consistently offer thanks to the Lord. The lyrics beautifully capture the essence of gratitude and worship.


In conclusion, “Thank You Lord” is a powerful song that carries a message of gratitude and praise to the Lord. Don Moen’s live performance at First Baptist Jacksonville on December 20, 2015, showcases the fervor and devotion of both the artist and the congregation. The lyrics of the song urge believers to express their gratitude to the Lord for His blessings and faithfulness. Through this song, Don Moen has created a space for worshippers to truly appreciate God’s goodness and provision. May we all be inspired to offer our heartfelt thanks to the Lord in every season of life.

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