I Surrender – Hillsong Worship

Imagine yourself in a moment of surrender, where all distractions and worries fade away. In the song “I Surrender” by Hillsong Worship, you are invited to experience this deep connection with the Divine. As you listen to the heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring music, you will find yourself drawn to your knees, surrendering all and hungering for more. This powerful worship song, written by Matt Crocker, will take you on a journey of surrender, inviting you to open your heart and soul to the presence and guidance of the Lord.

Through the beautiful words and melodies of “I Surrender,” Hillsong Worship captures the essence of yearning for a deeper relationship with God. As the lyrics unfold, you will feel your soul drenched with mercy and grace, as you hunger and thirst for a greater connection. With arms stretched wide, you cry out to the Lord, longing for His voice to speak to you and guide you. The song builds up to a powerful bridge, where you are swept away by a rushing wind, allowing Jesus to breathe within you and have His way. Through this song, Hillsong Worship invites you to surrender, knowing that in that surrender, you will find the peace and fulfillment that comes from knowing God more intimately.

I Surrender – Hillsong Worship

Welcome to the comprehensive article about Hillsong Worship’s powerful song, “I Surrender.” In this article, we will dive deep into the lyrics, the message behind the song, and the impact it has had on listeners around the world. So get ready to be inspired as we explore the heartfelt words and music by Matt Crocker.

Here I am, Down on my knees again

The song starts off with a powerful confession of surrender. It begins with the lyrics, “Here I am, Down on my knees again, Surrendering all, Surrendering all.” These words strike a chord with many believers who have experienced moments of complete surrender to God. It’s a humbling posture, a recognition of our need for Him, and an acknowledgment that He is Lord over our lives.

The act of surrender is often associated with letting go of control and allowing God to take the lead. It’s a vulnerable position to be in, but it’s also a place of trust and reliance on God’s guidance. The lyrics capture the essence of surrender beautifully, encouraging listeners to embrace this posture of humility before God.

Drench my soul, As mercy and grace unfold

As the song progresses, the lyrics continue to paint a picture of deep longing and thirst for God. The verse says, “Drench my soul, As mercy and grace unfold, I hunger and thirst, I hunger and thirst.” These words express a desire for a deeper encounter with God, a longing to be filled with His presence and experience His unfailing love.

The idea of hungering and thirsting for God is rooted in the biblical teachings of seeking Him above all else. It’s a recognition that true satisfaction and fulfillment can only be found in a relationship with Him. The lyrics beautifully capture this yearning for more of God’s mercy, grace, and love.

I Surrender, I want to know You more

The chorus of the song is simple yet profound. It exclaims, “I surrender.” This declaration of surrender is followed by the desire to know God more deeply, expressed in the lyrics, “I want to know You more.” This simple chorus encapsulates the heart of the song – a willingness to surrender everything and a desperate hunger to know God intimately.

Surrendering to God’s will is not a one-time event; it’s a daily choice. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to submit our lives to His plans. The chorus reminds us of this ongoing surrender, and the desire to continuously grow in our knowledge and relationship with God.

Like a rushing wind, Jesus breathe within

The bridge of the song introduces a powerful image of the Holy Spirit’s presence. It says, “Like a rushing wind, Jesus breathe within, Lord have Your way, Lord have Your way in me.” This imagery draws inspiration from the biblical account of the Holy Spirit coming upon the disciples like a rushing wind on the day of Pentecost.

The bridge highlights the need for the Holy Spirit’s empowerment in our lives. It’s an invitation for the Holy Spirit to breathe within us, to stir our souls, and to have His way in us. With this prayerful plea, we acknowledge our dependence on the Holy Spirit’s guidance and power to live a surrendered life.


“I Surrender” is a song that resonates deep within the hearts of believers as they seek to live a life of surrender and draw closer to God. Through its heartfelt lyrics and powerful melody, this song sparks a desire for a deeper relationship with Him.

The words penned by Matt Crocker capture the essence of surrender, the longing for more, and the desperate hunger to know God intimately. By surrendering to His will, we open ourselves to His mercy, grace, and transformation in our lives.

So whenever you find yourself in a place of surrender, remember the words of this powerful song and let them serve as a reminder of the transformative power of surrendering to God. May “I Surrender” be a anthem that leads you into a deeper relationship with Him.

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