Jireh | Elevation Worship & Maverick City

Experience the powerful collaboration between Elevation Worship & Maverick City in their captivating music video for “Jireh.” Get ready to be uplifted and inspired by the heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melodies of this powerful worship song.

In this captivating music video by Elevation Worship, you’ll be introduced to the powerful song “Jireh” performed by Elevation Worship and Maverick City. Written by a talented group of artists including Steven Furtick, Chandler Moore, Naomi Raine, and Chris Brown, this song is filled with heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melodies that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired. The video showcases the seamless collaboration between the two groups and captures the essence of the song’s message of divine love and contentment in every circumstance. Get ready to be moved by the powerful vocals and meaningful lyrics of “Jireh” as you experience the incredible music and worship in this video by Elevation Worship.

Jireh | Elevation Worship & Maverick City


In the world of contemporary Christian music, collaborations between talented artists have become increasingly popular. One such collaboration that has captured the hearts of listeners worldwide is “Jireh” by Elevation Worship and Maverick City. This powerful and uplifting song has resonated with many, offering a message of hope, reassurance, and the overwhelming love and provision of God. In this article, we will explore the background, lyrics, music video, and the impact of “Jireh” on the worship culture.


“Jireh” is a collaboration between Elevation Worship, a worship team based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Maverick City, an influential collective of diverse worship leaders and songwriters. The song was released on April 2, 2021, as a part of the album “Old Church Basement,” which was a joint project between Elevation Worship and Maverick City.


The lyrics of “Jireh” carry a powerful message of God’s love and provision. The song begins with the affirmation that you are loved, chosen, and that there is nothing you can do to let God down. It emphasizes that God’s love doesn’t require us to achieve greatness or hold up any trophies to make Him proud. As the song progresses, it acknowledges the storms we may face but promises that God is closer than ever, ready to rescue us from any circumstances.

The chorus repeats the title of the song, “Jireh,” which is a Hebrew word meaning “The Lord will provide.” It declares that God is enough, and in every circumstance, we can find contentment in His love and provision. The lyrics also touch on the importance of remembering and being grateful for the present moment, whether we find ourselves on the mountaintop or in the valley.

Music Video

The music video for “Jireh” consists of visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing scenes that perfectly complement the song’s message. It opens with captivating shots of nature, emphasizing God’s creation and His role as a provider. The video transitions to include heartfelt performances by members of Elevation Worship and Maverick City, creating an atmosphere of worship and adoration. The video also incorporates various images of individuals from different backgrounds, reflecting the inclusive nature of the song’s message.

About Elevation Worship

Elevation Worship is a contemporary Christian music ministry formed in 2007 and connected to Elevation Church in North Carolina. Under the leadership of Pastor Steven Furtick, the team has risen to prominence both in the Christian music industry and as a worship movement. Elevation Worship aims to create an atmosphere of worship that connects people to God and inspires a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

About Maverick City

Maverick City is a collective of diverse worship leaders, artists, and songwriters based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2018 by Tony Brown and Jonathan Jay, Maverick City has rapidly gained recognition for its unique sound and authentic expressions of worship. The collective seeks to bring people together through their music and create a space for genuine encounters with God.


“Jireh” was written by four talented songwriters: Steven Furtick, Chandler Moore, Naomi Raine, and Chris Brown. Steven Furtick is the lead pastor of Elevation Church and has contributed significantly to Elevation Worship’s music catalog. Chandler Moore is a worship leader and songwriter associated with Maverick City, known for his soulful vocals and powerful worship expressions. The song also features the songwriting prowess of Naomi Raine and Chris Brown, both highly regarded within the contemporary worship music scene.

Meaning and Theme

The song “Jireh” conveys a powerful message of God’s love and provision in our lives. In its interpretation, the lyrics highlight the biblical concept of God as our provider, drawing from verses such as Matthew 6:28-30, where Jesus talks about how God clothes the lilies of the field and takes care of even the smallest creatures. The theme of God’s closeness and His unwavering love resonates throughout the song, reminding listeners that they are already loved and chosen by Him.

The lyrics encourage an attitude of contentment, rooted in the knowledge that God is enough, regardless of our circumstances. They remind us to be present in the current moment, to appreciate what we have, and to remember that God’s power is at work within us, even when we may feel overwhelmed or uncertain.

Reception and Impact

“Jireh” has received widespread acclaim since its release. It has resonated with listeners worldwide, offering hope and encouragement in difficult times. The song has garnered millions of streams on various music platforms, reflecting its popularity and impact.

Critics have praised the collaboration between Elevation Worship and Maverick City, noting the seamless blend of their distinctive sounds and the heartfelt performances by the worship leaders involved. Many testimonies and personal stories have emerged from individuals who have been deeply moved by the song, sharing how it has brought them peace, comfort, and strengthened faith in God’s provision.

The impact of “Jireh” extends beyond the music itself. It has influenced the worship culture, reminding believers of the importance of embracing God’s love and finding contentment in His provision. The song’s message has been incorporated into church services, small group gatherings, and personal worship experiences worldwide, fostering a deeper sense of connection with God.


“Jireh” by Elevation Worship and Maverick City stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the impact of deeply expressive worship songs. Through its powerful and heartfelt lyrics, the song reminds listeners of God’s unwavering love and provision in every circumstance. The combination of Elevation Worship and Maverick City’s unique sounds creates a worship experience that resonates with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

As “Jireh” continues to inspire and touch the hearts of millions, Elevation Worship and Maverick City are poised to continue their incredible musical journeys. Their dedication to creating music that draws people closer to God and speaks to their deepest emotions is a testament to their unwavering faith and commitment to ministry.

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