The Plagues that Egypt Faced

The Plagues that Egypt Faced

God sent a series of plagues to show Pharaoh and the Egyptian people that He was the King of the universe. These were retribution for Pharaoh’s rejection of God and his Egyptian idol worship.

The first plague corrupted the water in the Nile River, turning it blood red and killing the fish. It was a severe reminder that Pharaoh was not under God’s control and that He was the One in charge of the Nile.

Second, the frogs died. The frogs were a symbol of Hathor and Apis, two important Egyptian goddesses. They were also depicted as cattle.

Third, lice and flies attacked both the animals and the people of Egypt. These insects were so bad that they caused pain, fever, and other medical problems.

Fourth, livestock pestilence killed the Egyptians’ animals and their crops. It was a harsh reminder of God’s control over the earth and the economy of Egypt.

Fifth, boils appeared on the Egyptians and their livestock. These boils caused excruciating pain.

Sixth, locusts invaded the land of Egypt. These were large insects that covered the ground and ate up every fruit in the fields.

Seventh, a hail storm struck the Egyptians. This was a devastating blow to the country’s economy.

Eighth, darkness came over the land of Egypt. The darkness was so thick that it made it impossible for the Egyptians to move around.

The tenth plague was the killing of the firstborn children in every Egyptian household. This was a very cruel and unusual punishment. This plague was not believed to be natural, but it was a retribution for Pharaoh’s failure to allow the Israelites to leave his country.

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