Touching Heaven, Changing Earth – Album by Hillsong Worship

In the album ‘Touching Heaven, Changing Earth’ by Hillsong Worship, one of the standout tracks is ‘Jesus, You Gave It All’. With heartfelt lyrics that express gratitude and devotion to Jesus, this song is a powerful declaration of faith. Released in July 1998, this track has resonated with listeners for years, touching hearts and souls with its message of love, grace, and liberation. The accompanying video, created by Hillsong Worship, enhances the experience, allowing viewers to visually connect with the lyrics and embrace the emotions conveyed.

As you listen to ‘Jesus, You Gave It All’, be prepared to be moved by the passionate vocals, soul-stirring melodies, and inspiring lyrics. This song reminds us of the immense love that Jesus has for us, as well as the transformative power of His grace. It serves as a reminder to offer our lives, hearts, and souls to Him, as we are lifted up by His mercy and grace. With its ability to instill faith, hope, and joy, ‘Jesus, You Gave It All’ is a testament to the unwavering devotion that Hillsong Worship brings to their music.

Album Overview

The album “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” by Hillsong Worship was released in July 1998. As the name suggests, the album features songs that aim to capture the essence of connecting with God and experiencing a transformative encounter with Him. With a total of 10 tracks, the album takes listeners on a journey of faith, surrender, and devotion. It is a powerful collection of worship songs that have resonated with millions of people around the world.

Album Details

The album cover of “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” features a simple yet impactful design. It showcases an image that symbolizes the connection between heaven and earth, serving as a visual representation of the album’s theme. The label responsible for the release of the album is Hillsong Music, which has been known for producing inspirational and uplifting music for decades. The album was produced by a team of talented individuals who sought to create an atmosphere of worship and reverence in every song.

Songs on the Album

  1. “Jesus, You Gave It All” – This opening track sets the tone for the album, praising Jesus for His sacrificial love and declaring surrender to Him. It is a powerful anthem that reminds listeners of the depth of God’s love.
  2. “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” – The title track embodies the album’s core message of experiencing God’s presence and being transformed by His power. It calls believers to embrace the reality that heaven is near and that encountering God can change everything.
  3. “Father of Creation” – This song celebrates God as the Creator of all things and acknowledges His sovereignty and majesty. It is a beautiful expression of reverence and awe towards the Almighty.
  4. “Lord of All” – As the title suggests, this song exalts Jesus as the Lord of all creation. It proclaims His authority and invites listeners to surrender their lives to Him completely.
  5. “You Are Holy” – This worshipful song glorifies God’s holiness and invites listeners to join in praising Him. It acknowledges that He alone is worthy of our adoration and worship.
  6. “The Potter’s Hand” – Drawing from the imagery of a potter shaping clay, this song speaks of surrendering to God’s transformative power. It acknowledges His ability to shape and mold our lives according to His perfect plan.
  7. “Instruments of Your Peace” – Based on the popular prayer attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, this song is a heartfelt plea to be used by God as instruments of His peace and love in a broken world.
  8. “I Will Run to You” – This song expresses a deep longing to run to God as the ultimate source of comfort and refuge. It speaks of finding solace and strength in His presence.
  9. “Jesus, Lover of My Soul” – With lyrics that testify to Jesus’ all-encompassing love, this song reflects the intimate relationship believers can have with Him. It is a beautiful declaration of devotion and trust.
  10. “You Are Near” – The closing track of the album reassures listeners of God’s nearness and His faithfulness. It serves as a poignant reminder that no matter the circumstances, God is always close and can be relied upon.

Album Impact and Reception

The songs on “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” have had a significant religious influence on the worship community and beyond. Through their heartfelt lyrics and powerful melodies, these songs have helped believers connect with God on a deeper level and have served as a source of spiritual encouragement and inspiration. Many listeners have testified to experiencing personal transformation and encountering God’s presence through the music on this album.

In terms of reception and reviews, “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” has garnered widespread acclaim. Critics and fans alike have praised the album for its powerful lyrics, exceptional musicality, and anointed vocals. The album’s seamless combination of contemporary Christian music, inspirational ballads, and gospel influences has contributed to its broad appeal and impact.

Commercially, the album has also enjoyed success. With its release in 1998, it reached a wide audience and gained popularity within the Christian music industry. Its impact continues to be felt to this day, with its songs being sung in churches and worship gatherings around the globe.

Worship Team and Contributors

The album “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” was produced by Hillsong Worship, a collective of talented musicians and worshippers. Hillsong Worship, known for their passionate and Spirit-filled worship music, has been a significant contributor to the global Christian music scene. Their commitment to creating music that directs hearts and minds towards God is evident in each track of the album.

The album features a team of dedicated songwriters who poured their hearts and faith into crafting the lyrics of each song. These songwriters have been instrumental in capturing the essence of worship and conveying it in a way that resonates with listeners from diverse backgrounds. Their ability to write lyrics that inspire, challenge, and uplift has contributed to the album’s impact.

Additionally, the musicians involved in the recording process played a crucial role in bringing the songs to life. Their musical talents and passion for worship shine through in every note, creating an atmosphere that invites listeners to encounter God.

Recording and Production

The recording process of “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” involved careful attention to detail. From selecting the right studio to capturing the desired sound, the production team worked tirelessly to create an album that would effectively convey the message of worship and surrender.

The production team, led by experienced producers, ensured that each instrument and vocal was expertly recorded, mixed, and mastered. By utilizing state-of-the-art recording equipment and techniques, they were able to create a sonic landscape that captured the essence of each song. The careful balance of instruments, vocals, and harmonies contribute to the album’s overall musicality and impact.

A wide range of instruments was used in the recording process, including guitars, keyboards, drums, and orchestral elements. Each instrument was carefully selected to enhance the musicality and expressiveness of the songs. The meticulous attention to detail in the production process is evident in the album’s lush and captivating sound.

Album Theme and Lyrics

“Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” centers around the theme of Christian worship. The album invites listeners to encounter God in a meaningful way and surrender their lives to Him. The lyrics of each song are carefully crafted to reflect the heart of worship, drawing believers into a deeper relationship with God.

A recurring theme throughout the album is the act of surrendering to God’s will and acknowledging His lordship. The lyrics encourage listeners to lay down their burdens, fears, and desires at the feet of Jesus, trusting in His love, grace, and power to transform their lives.

The album’s lyrics also convey a message of salvation, highlighting the redemptive work of Jesus and the hope found in Him. They remind listeners of the sacrificial love demonstrated on the cross and the freedom that comes from a relationship with Him.

Musical Style and Influences

“Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” falls within the genre of contemporary Christian music. It combines elements of rock, pop, and gospel, resulting in a diverse and engaging musical style. The songs range from upbeat and energetic tracks to intimate and contemplative moments, providing a well-rounded listening experience.

The album also incorporates inspirational ballads, which serve as a platform for heartfelt worship and reflection. These slower-paced songs allow listeners to fully engage with the lyrics and connect with God on a deeper emotional level.

As with much of Hillsong Worship’s music, gospel influences can be heard throughout the album. The use of strong harmonies, soulful vocals, and dynamic arrangements adds a rich and captivating layer to the music. These influences help create a sense of authenticity and genuine worship, which resonates with listeners from various cultural backgrounds.

Live Performances and Tours

Hillsong Worship is well-known for their live performances and tours, which provide an opportunity for believers to come together in worship. The songs from “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” have been featured prominently in these concerts and worship nights, creating a powerful experience for attendees.

Concerts and Worship Nights featuring the songs from the album are characterized by a spirit of joy, reverence, and unity. The presence of God is palpable, and worshippers are encouraged to actively participate, lifting their voices in praise and surrender.

Throughout the years, Hillsong Worship has embarked on numerous tours, both domestically and internationally, taking the music from “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” to audiences around the world. These tours have witnessed thousands of people gathering to worship and encounter God, fostering a sense of community and deepening faith.


“Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” is a timeless album that continues to impact the lives of countless individuals. Its songs of worship, surrender, and devotion have resonated with listeners globally, leading many to experience personal transformation and encounter God’s presence.

Through its powerful lyrics, exceptional musicality, and anointed vocals, the album serves as a catalyst for deepening faith and drawing believers into a closer relationship with God. The album’s themes of surrender, salvation, and the nearness of God are expressed in a way that is relatable and inspiring, appealing to worshipers from all walks of life.

Whether experienced through the album itself, live performances, or worship gatherings, the songs from “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth” continue to uplift, encourage, and stir the hearts of worshipers around the world.

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