Only Joshua and Caleb of Their Generation to Enter the Promised Land

After the ten unfaithful spies returned from exploring the Promised Land and brought a bad report to Moses, God threatened that He would destroy them. He also vowed that only Joshua and Caleb of their generation would enter the Promised Land as a reward for their faithfulness.

Let’s learn from these two men and enter our Promised Land with full faith that God can deliver on what He has promised us.


It is interesting that God’s choice for His people to enter the Promised Land centered on two men who wholeheartedly followed Him. That same quality is what sets Joshua and Caleb apart from the other spies and the rest of their generation.

The Israelites were encamped at Kadesh Barnea and about to enter Canaan, which God promised to give them. He instructed Moses to send ten leaders from each tribe to explore the land and report back.

The other spies were not willing to accept that God could deliver them into the Promised Land. They saw giants and heavily fortified cities that terrified them. They acted on their fears instead of trusting God. They did not realize that their rebellion was sinful. This is a common problem that believers have today. God leads us out of the spiritual death of sin and guilt, and we want to enter into the abundance of life in His presence.


It’s mid-summer, somewhere around the time grapes ripen in Israel. The Israelites are encamped at Kadesh Barnea, south of the Promised Land, having been there a year or two since they’ve come out of Egypt. They’ve experienced miracles such as the Red Sea opening and water flowing from a rock, they’ve eaten manna, they’ve fought off Amalekite raiders and won, and they’ve been given the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai.

When spies were sent out to explore the Promised Land, 10 of them returned with an evil report that fostered fear among the people. But Joshua and Caleb were able to reassure the people that with God’s help they could conquer the giants and heavily fortified cities that would confront them. And they were right! Because of their faith, God allowed only Joshua and Caleb to enter the Promised Land when the time came. They were the only ones of their generation to do so!


Joshua and Caleb the only of their generation to enter the Promised Land

We can all identify with the courage displayed by Joshua and Caleb. Their story first appears in the Book of Numbers, and it is a tale of obedience and faith that is remembered by all believers.

Ten of the spies returned with a bad report on the land of Canaan. They told the people that the land was filled with giants and impregnable cities. Their words instilled fear in the hearts of the Israelites.

But Caleb and Joshua disagreed with the spies. They didn’t deny that there were giants in the land, but they argued that God could overcome them. They believed that if God was for them, they could not fail. Their faith was rewarded. God allowed them to enter the Promised Land while the rest of their nation wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. This was their reward for choosing to trust God rather than listen to the spies’ bad report. They died with their call and mission from God completely fulfilled.


It had only been a year or two since Israel came out of Egypt, and the miracles of the Red Sea opening, water from a rock and manna to feed the people had occurred. They had been given the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, defeated the Amalekite raiders and built their tabernacle.

Now, it was time to enter the Promised Land! Moses sent spies to explore the land and Caleb was among them. When the spies returned, they gave a good report.

God allowed Caleb and Joshua to enter the Promised Land (as well as the other men of faith). However, the rest of the generation died in the wilderness. It is important to note that God often deals with His people as a group, but when it comes to faith and belief, He honors the individual. He will do the same for you. If a door opens to enter into your Promised Land, do not let fear and doubt make you miss it.

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