God Promises Everlasting Life – 1 John 5:11

God Promises Everlasting Life

The Most Important Proof for God’s Testimony

Eternal Life
The most compelling evidence for the testimony of Jesus Christ is the gift of eternal life. This is the result of God’s witness to His Son (John 17:3; 14:6-9).

During the fall, mankind rebelled against God and fell from the perfect state that He intended for them. As part of the plan to restore the fallen world and humanity, God made a promise that He would send a descendant to redeem man from sin and lead them back to their original identity as children of God.

As promised, Jesus came to earth as a human being, identifying himself with the name of God, and He gave the gift of eternal life to those who believed in him. All of God’s witness in the Bible, all the messages through the holy prophets, all the typical significance of Judaism, and every other aspect of Israel’s religion had a singular purpose: the identification of Jesus as the Son of God and the free gift of eternal life to the world.

This testimony is the possession of every believer and is manifested within them in ways that they have already experienced. This is why God’s words are so powerful and effective when it comes to recapturing the hearts of those who have lost hope in their faith.

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