The Gospel Animated!


The Gospel in animation, ”For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” – John 3:16

Who do you say I am Jesus once asked his followers this Question Who do you say i am A prophet with a new teaching A healer to the sick a savior to a lost World Jesus claimed each of these but most Importantly he claimed to be god in the Flesh At the dawn of time he ignited human History when he spoke He breathed life into the lungs of the First man and woman And every inch of creation itself But we rebelled We turned against our king and followed Our own ways even though it would cost Us our life Our sin poisoned his perfect creation Giving way to sickness injustice and Death Sin separated us from one another and From god But rather than cast off humanity god Sent his son Jesus to enter into the World he created the one broken by our Sin He breathed our air became human like us But he lived a perfect life the one god Intended we live and called us to repent Of our sin and follow him in faith Some believed his word and recognized Him as king

Others denied him they crowned him with Thorns and murdered him they rejected Him and so have we But god had a plan Jesus willingly gave himself up to die On a cross to save us from god’s Judgment and the death we deserve On that cross he exchanged our rebellion For his obedience our brokenness for his Perfection the son of god died so we Could live And on the third day he rose to life Again defeating death forever And now he sits on the throne of heaven Offering life through the holy spirit to All those who repent and trust in him Jesus is the king of kings you can Either crown him or crucify him there is No middle ground No one will ever ask you a more Important question than the one Jesus Asked Who do you say I am You.

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