Katy Nichole & Big Daddy Weave – “God Is In This Story” (Official Music Video)

Experience the powerful and uplifting music video for “God Is In This Story” by Katy Nichole and Big Daddy Weave. Let the stunning visuals and heartfelt performance remind you that God is always with you, providing love, hope, and strength in every aspect of your life. Don’t miss this inspiring message of trust in Jesus and embrace the constant presence of God, even in the highs and lows. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this music video and let the message resonate in your heart.

In this official music video for “God Is In This Story,” Katy Nichole and Big Daddy Weave bring together their incredible talents to create a powerful and uplifting experience. The video, directed by Diego Brawn and produced by Velasco Visuals, showcases the inspiring lyrics of the song through stunning visuals and a heartfelt performance. As you watch the video, you will be captivated by the story it tells, reminding you that no matter what challenges or struggles you may face, God is always there with you, providing love, hope, and strength. Whether you’re in the highs or lows of life, this video will remind you that God’s presence is constant and unwavering. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the beauty of this music video and let the message resonate in your heart.


Katy Nichole & Big Daddy Weave – “God Is In This Story” (Official Music Video)

Welcome to “God Is In This Story” by Katy Nichole and Big Daddy Weave! This official music video is a visual representation of the powerful message behind the song. With its heartfelt lyrics and captivating visuals, this video is sure to touch your heart and remind you of God’s presence in every aspect of your life.

Let’s dive into the details of this incredible music video, from the director to the cast, and explore the profound meaning behind the lyrics. Get ready to be inspired and uplifted by the message of hope and trust in Jesus.

Video Information

Video By Katy Nichole

First and foremost, we must acknowledge the talented Katy Nichole, who brings this song to life through her heartfelt vocals. Her passion and authenticity shine through in every word she sings, and her powerful voice truly captivates the listener.

Director – Diego Brawn

The music video for “God Is In This Story” is skillfully directed by Diego Brawn. Brawn’s creative vision and attention to detail perfectly complement the moving lyrics of the song. His direction brings out the emotions and stories behind the music, creating a visual experience that resonates with the audience.

Produced By – Velasco Visuals

The production of the music video is expertly handled by Velasco Visuals. Their dedication to delivering high-quality content is evident in the stunning visuals and seamless execution of the video. Their professionalism and commitment to excellence are truly commendable.

DP – Jordan Lavagnino

The director of photography for this music video is Jordan Lavagnino. Lavagnino’s expertise in capturing the perfect lighting and framing adds depth and emotion to each scene. The cinematography beautifully enhances the storytelling, creating a visually engaging experience for the viewer.

Gaffer – Barrett Depies

Barrett Depies’s skillful lighting techniques play a crucial role in creating the desired atmosphere for the music video. His ability to manipulate light and shadow adds depth and texture to every shot, giving the video a captivating visual appeal.

Key Grip – Bryce Barker

Bryce Barker’s role as the key grip ensures that all equipment and rigs are properly set up and maintained throughout the filming process. His attention to detail and technical expertise contribute to the smooth execution of each scene, allowing the director’s vision to come to life.

Set Carp – Arturo Brawn & Justin Roberts

Arturo Brawn and Justin Roberts, as set carpenters, are responsible for constructing and maintaining the sets used in the music video. Their craftsmanship and creativity help create the perfect backdrop for each scene, enhancing the narrative and adding visual interest.

PA – Cora Vroma

Cora Vroma serves as a production assistant, providing essential support to the cast and crew throughout the filming process. Her dedication and hard work behind the scenes contribute to the seamless operation of the production.

Mural by Alicia St. Gelais and Justin Roberts

Alicia St. Gelais and Justin Roberts are the talented artists behind the stunning mural showcased in the music video. Their artistic expressions beautifully align with the overall theme, adding a unique visual element to the storytelling.


“There’s torn up pages in this book Words that tell me I’m no good Chapters that defined me for so long But the hands of grace and endless love Dusted off and picked me up Told my heart that hope is never gone

God is in this story God is in the details Even in the broken parts He holds my heart, He never fails

When I’m at my weakest I will trust in Jesus Always in the highs and lows The One who goes before me God is in this story

If it reads like addiction If it reads like disease He’s the One who frees the prisoner He’s the healer of all things If it reads like depression If it reads broken home He’s the One who holds your sorrow He won’t leave you here alone”

The lyrics of “God Is In This Story” resonate with anyone who has experienced pain, brokenness, or uncertainty in their lives. It acknowledges the struggles we face and reminds us that despite the torn pages and defining chapters, God’s hands of grace and endless love are always there to lift us up and give us hope.

The chorus beautifully encapsulates the essence of the song, emphasizing that God is present in every detail of our lives, even in the broken parts. No matter how weak we may feel, we can place our trust in Jesus, knowing that He is with us through the highs and lows. He goes before us, guiding and comforting us every step of the way.

The lyrics also acknowledge the various challenges we may encounter, such as addiction, disease, and depression. But it reassures us that God is the ultimate source of freedom, healing, and comfort. Whether we are trapped in the chains of addiction or burdened by the weight of depression, God is there to set us free and hold our sorrows. We are never alone in our struggles.


“God Is In This Story” by Katy Nichole and Big Daddy Weave is an inspiring song that reminds us of God’s constant presence in our lives. This official music video brings that message to life, effectively capturing the emotions and stories behind the lyrics.

No matter what challenges we may face, God is there to lift us up, heal our wounds, and guide us through the darkest of times. This powerful video serves as a reminder that we can always find hope and trust in Jesus, even in our weakest moments.

Let “God Is In This Story” be a source of encouragement and a reminder that God is always with us, writing our stories. Through the broken parts and the high and lows, He never fails to hold our hearts and be our guiding light.

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