The Plan for Jesus’ Birth: Luke 1:26-38, Matthew 1:18-25

“The Plan for Jesus’ Birth: Luke 1:26-38, Matthew 1:18-25” is a video by Saddleback Kids that explores the biblical accounts of the birth of Jesus. In these verses, we learn about the angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary and Joseph, and how they both received the news of Mary’s miraculous pregnancy. The video delves into the details of the angel’s message to Mary, assuring her of God’s favor and that she would give birth to the Son of God. It also highlights Joseph’s role in accepting Mary and the divine origin of the child. Through this captivating retelling, Saddleback Kids brings the story of Jesus’ birth to life with its engaging visuals and compelling narrative.

As we dive deeper into the passage, we witness the challenges faced by Mary and Joseph as they navigate the societal implications of Mary’s pregnancy. Despite the ridicule and judgment from others, Joseph’s kindness and trust in God prevail as he decides to quietly break off the engagement rather than publicly shaming Mary. However, a divine dream transforms Joseph’s perspective, as an angel reassures him that Mary’s pregnancy is a result of the Holy Spirit. With courage and faith, Joseph chooses to embrace Mary as his wife and journey alongside her in raising Jesus, the Saviour of the world. Through this powerful retelling, Saddleback Kids invites viewers to reflect on the astonishing circumstances surrounding Jesus’ birth and the faith of these remarkable individuals.

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The Announcement to Mary

The angel Gabriel appears to Mary

In this remarkable story, we see the angel Gabriel appearing before a young woman named Mary. At this point, Mary was engaged to a man named Joseph, who was a descendant of King David. It’s important to note that Mary was just an ordinary girl, but she was about to receive news that would change her life forever.

Mary is told she will give birth to a son

When Gabriel appeared to Mary, he greeted her by saying, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you. Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God.” Imagine how Mary must have felt in that moment – a mixture of fear and wonder. But she listened intently as the angel continued to deliver his message.

Gabriel revealed to Mary that she would conceive a child, despite the fact that she had not yet been with a man. This news was astonishing and perplexing all at once. Mary asked the angel, “How will this be, since I am a virgin?”

Mary questions how this will happen

Mary’s question is a natural response to the angel’s announcement. After all, she was a young girl who had never been with a man. How could she possibly conceive a child? Gabriel’s response brings clarity to the situation – the Holy Spirit would come upon her, and the power of the Most High would overshadow her. This divine intervention would result in the conception of a child, who would be called the Son of God.

But the angel didn’t stop there. He also shared a sign with Mary – her relative Elizabeth, who was considered too old to have children, was also expecting a baby. This sign served as reassurance and confirmation of the angel’s message.

The Promise to Mary

Mary is told her son will be the Son of God

Gabriel’s message to Mary was not only that she would give birth to a son, but that he would be the Son of God. This was an incredible honor and responsibility bestowed upon Mary. The child she would bear would have a unique and divine identity.

Her son will have the throne of David

Furthermore, Gabriel revealed that Mary’s son would have the throne of his father David. This reference to the lineage of King David was highly significant in Jewish culture, as it fulfilled ancient prophecies and affirmed Jesus’ rightful place as the long-awaited Messiah.

His kingdom will never end

Finally, Gabriel disclosed that Mary’s son would reign over Jacob’s descendants forever, and his kingdom would never end. This promise speaks to the eternal nature of Jesus’ reign and the significance of his role in God’s plan for salvation.

The Sign for Mary

Mary is told about Elizabeth’s pregnancy

As a sign of confirmation, Gabriel informs Mary that her relative Elizabeth, despite being beyond childbearing age, is also expecting a child. This miraculous occurrence was proof that nothing was impossible for God. It served as a reminder to Mary that with God, all things are possible, even the seemingly impossible task of giving birth to the Son of God.

Joseph’s Dilemma

Joseph discovers Mary is pregnant

In the midst of this extraordinary situation, Joseph, Mary’s fiancé, discovered that she was pregnant. Naturally, he was shocked and confused, as he knew he was not the father of the child.

He plans to break their engagement quietly

Joseph, being a good and righteous man, did not want to publicly disgrace Mary. Instead, he made the difficult decision to break their engagement quietly. This would spare Mary from public shame and judgment, while allowing them both to move on with their lives.

The Angel’s Message to Joseph

The angel appears to Joseph in a dream

Just as Mary received a visit from the angel Gabriel, Joseph also had an encounter with an angel in a dream. This angel reassured Joseph and provided him with guidance and direction.

Joseph is told to take Mary as his wife

The angel instructed Joseph not to be afraid or hesitant to take Mary as his wife. The child she carried was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and Joseph was to play a vital role in raising and caring for this extraordinary child.

The child is conceived by the Holy Spirit

The angel’s message brought clarity to Joseph’s confusion. He learned that Mary’s pregnancy was not the result of unfaithfulness or wrongdoing, but rather a divine conception orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. This revelation allowed Joseph to embrace his role as the earthly father of Jesus.

The Naming of the Child

Joseph is told to name the child Jesus

In his dream, the angel instructed Joseph to name the child Jesus. This name, which means “the Lord saves,” carried deep meaning and significance. It reflected the mission and purpose of the one who would come to save humanity from their sins.

The significance of the name Jesus

The name Jesus embodied the hope and redemption that the world desperately needed. It served as a reminder of God’s love and His ultimate plan for the salvation of mankind. Little did Mary and Joseph know at that moment just how influential and impactful the name Jesus would become throughout history.

Joseph’s Obedience

Joseph obeys the angel’s command

Upon waking from his dream, Joseph did exactly as the angel of the Lord commanded him. He took Mary as his wife, despite the unconventional circumstances surrounding her pregnancy. Joseph’s obedience to the divine directive demonstrated his faith and trust in God’s plan.

He stays with Mary

Joseph’s decision to stay with Mary, despite the social stigma and challenges they would face, showed his unwavering commitment and devotion to her. It also ensured that Jesus would have a stable and loving home to grow up in. Joseph’s faithfulness played a crucial role in fulfilling the prophecy and ensuring the fulfillment of God’s plan.


The account of the plan for Jesus’ birth, as revealed through the angel’s messages to Mary and Joseph, is a testament to God’s sovereignty and His intricate plan for salvation. Mary’s willingness to surrender to God’s will and Joseph’s trust in divine guidance are examples of faith and obedience that continue to inspire believers today.

This story highlights the miraculous nature of Jesus’ birth and emphasizes His divine identity as the Son of God. It sets the stage for the extraordinary life and ministry that Jesus would embark upon, ultimately fulfilling God’s plan for the redemption of mankind.

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