Isaiah Called to Be a Prophet

Isaiah shares how God called him to be a prophet.

Children, please be cautious. Where are your guardians? You should be in their care. We, uh, are travelers from a distant place. King Hezekiah has commanded the closure of all city gates and ordered everyone to seek refuge in their homes for safety. Come, I am Isaiah. You will stay with me. I am Joy. Our enemies, the Assyrians, have been conquering the surrounding lands. They have recently taken over Lakish and are planning to attack us here in Jerusalem. The Assyrian king, named Senakorib, has set up camp beyond our city walls, and we are at risk of imminent attack. I have been warning the people of Judah about this impending danger, as God has bestowed upon me numerous revelations and prophecies for the people and kings of Israel throughout the years. God speaks directly to you and communicates through me. Many years ago, God anointed me to speak on His behalf. Whoa! Move along! The Lord of hosts is very holy. Yes, the entire earth is brimming with His glory. Whoa! I am in distress, for I am undone, recognizing that I am a man of impure speech, dwelling among a people of impure speech. Before my eyes, I have seen the King, the Lord of hosts. Whoa! Behold, something has touched your lips, and your iniquity is removed, your sin forgiven. Burst! Whom should I send, and who will travel on our behalf? Here I am, send me. God then spoke to me about all of Israel, saying that He would make their hearts dull, their ears heavy, and their eyes closed, so they would not perceive, hear, understand with their hearts, and turn back to Him for healing. I asked the Lord, “How long?” He replied, “Until the cities are laid waste.” He desired me to warn His people to repent of their sins and promised to welcome them back. Otherwise, they would face utter destruction at the hands of their adversaries.

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