Rahab’s Scarlet Rope

In the “Rahab’s Scarlet Rope” video by Saddleback Kids, you will be introduced to the story of Rahab and the Spies from Joshua 2 in the Bible. Rahab, a resident of Jericho, was not an Israelite and had made some bad choices. However, God had a plan for her. When the Israelites were instructed to enter the Promised Land, Joshua sent two spies to scout the city of Jericho. They sought refuge in Rahab’s house, but the king of Jericho got wind of their presence and ordered Rahab to bring them out. However, Rahab cleverly hid the spies and deceived the king’s men, assuring them that the spies had already fled. Rahab displayed her faith and belief in God when she approached the spies on her roof, acknowledging that the Lord had given them the land, and asked for kindness towards her family. In return, the spies agreed to spare her household and advised her to tie a scarlet rope to her window as a sign of protection. The spies successfully escaped the pursuing king’s men, and after three days of hiding, they returned to Joshua to recount their findings. Rahab’s faithfulness and friendly welcome to the spies earned her a place of honor and remembrance in the Bible.

The “Rahab’s Scarlet Rope” video is part of the “Bible Stories” series by Saddleback Kids, which aims to bring well-known biblical narratives to life through engaging storytelling and visuals. This particular story emphasizes Rahab’s courage, resourcefulness, and her trust in the one true God. The video also illustrates the power of faith and how even those who have made mistakes can be redeemed by God’s plan. Through Rahab’s example, viewers are encouraged to embrace kindness, faith, and trust in their own lives. So join Saddleback Kids on this inspiring adventure as they unfold the story of Rahab and the Spies, leaving you with important lessons and a renewed sense of hope.

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Rahab’s Background

Rahab’s residence in Jericho

Rahab was a resident of the city of Jericho, which was located in the promised land. She lived in this city that was known for its fortified walls and its position as a strategic stronghold.

Rahab’s identity as a non-Israelite

Unlike the Israelites who were God’s chosen people, Rahab was not an Israelite. She was a non-Israelite, which meant she did not belong to the chosen nation who worshipped the one true God. This made her an unexpected character in God’s plan.

Rahab’s sinful choices

Prior to the events that unfolded in her encounter with the spies, Rahab had made sinful choices. While the specifics of her sins are not explicitly mentioned, it is clear that her previous lifestyle was not aligned with God’s commands.

God’s Plan for Rahab

God’s instructions to the Israelites

God had instructed the Israelites to go and possess the promised land. This was part of their journey towards fulfilling the covenant that God had made with their forefathers. Little did they know that God had a specific purpose for Rahab in this plan.

Joshua’s mission to send spies

In order to gather information about the land they were about to enter, Joshua, the leader of the Israelites, sent two spies to assess the city of Jericho. This decision would prove to be key in uncovering Rahab’s role in God’s plan.

The spies’ arrival at Rahab’s house

As the two spies entered the city of Jericho, they sought refuge in Rahab’s house. Unbeknownst to them, this encounter would lead to a series of events that would showcase Rahab’s faith and bravery.

Rahab’s Bold Actions

The king of Jericho’s pursuit

When the king of Jericho received word of the presence of spies in the city, he sent his men to Rahab’s house, demanding that she surrender the spies. In this moment, Rahab made a bold decision to protect the spies and hide them from the king’s men.

Rahab’s decision to hide the spies

Understanding the danger she faced if the spies were discovered, Rahab chose to hide them on her roof instead of handing them over to the king’s men. This display of courage demonstrated Rahab’s dedication to protecting the spies and ensuring their safety.

Rahab’s deceptive response to the king’s men

When the king’s men questioned Rahab about the spies’ whereabouts, she cleverly deceived them by stating that the spies had already left the house but could be caught if they were pursued quickly. This diversion allowed the spies to remain hidden and out of immediate danger.

Rahab’s Faith in God

Rahab’s recognition of the Lord’s power

During her interaction with the spies, Rahab expressed her awareness of the power of the Lord. She acknowledged the great acts that God had performed for the Israelites, recognizing that their God was the God of all creation.

Rahab’s affirmation of God’s sovereignty

In her conversation with the spies, Rahab declared her belief in the sovereignty of God. She acknowledged that the God of the Israelites was the true God of heaven and earth, showcasing her growing faith in the midst of her circumstances.

Rahab’s request for mercy upon her family

As Rahab spoke with the spies, she expressed her concern for the safety of her family. She pleaded with them to show kindness to her family when the Israelites conquered Jericho, recognizing that God’s mercy extended beyond her own actions.

The Scarlet Rope

The spies’ agreement with Rahab

In exchange for Rahab’s assistance in protecting them, the spies agreed to spare Rahab and her family when the Israelites came to conquer Jericho. This agreement served as a testament to Rahab’s faith and the spies’ recognition of her bravery.

Rahab’s assistance in the spies’ escape

Rahab facilitated the escape of the spies by helping them down from her window with a scarlet rope. This act of aid allowed the spies to return to Joshua with the valuable information they had gathered.

The significance of the scarlet rope

The scarlet rope that Rahab used to assist the spies would come to symbolize her faithfulness and the protection granted to her and her family. It served as a tangible reminder of God’s promise and Rahab’s role in the Israelites’ conquest of Jericho.

Escaping Capture

The spies’ hiding on Rahab’s roof

For three days, the spies remained hidden on Rahab’s roof, evading capture by the king’s men who were searching for them. Throughout this time, Rahab demonstrated her loyalty and courage by ensuring the spies remained safe.

Rahab’s encounter with the spies

During their time hiding on her roof, Rahab had the opportunity to speak further with the spies and gain more insights into the Israelites’ mission and God’s plans. This encounter further solidified Rahab’s faith and commitment to God’s plan.

The spies’ return to Joshua with the information

After successfully avoiding capture, the spies returned to Joshua and shared with him all that they had seen and learned while in Jericho. Their report would prove vital in the forthcoming battle for Jericho and the fulfillment of God’s plan.

Rahab’s Faithfulness

Rahab’s friendly welcome to the spies

From the moment the spies arrived at Rahab’s house, she extended a warm and friendly welcome to them. Despite her previous sinful choices and her identity as a non-Israelite, Rahab showed hospitality and kindness to these strangers.

Rahab’s trust in God

Rahab’s actions throughout this narrative revealed her increasing trust in God. From hiding the spies to her belief in God’s power and sovereignty, she exhibited faith that surpassed her sinful past and positioned her as a faithful follower of God.

Rahab’s role in the Israelites’ promised tour

Rahab’s involvement in the spies’ mission played a significant role in the Israelites’ conquest of Jericho. Her bravery and faithfulness positioned her and her family for salvation when the city fell to the Israelites.

Rahab’s Remembered Legacy

Recognition of Rahab’s faithfulness

Rahab’s faithfulness and her assistance to the spies did not go unnoticed. Her actions were remembered and recognized for generations to come as a testament to the power of faith and the mercy of God.

The spies’ report to Joshua

When the spies returned to Joshua and shared their report, Rahab’s role in their mission and her faithfulness were highlighted. This further reinforced the importance of Rahab’s actions in the overall plan that God had for the Israelites.

The importance of Rahab’s actions

Rahab’s actions in hiding the spies and her unwavering trust in God had far-reaching implications. Her bravery and faith had a significant impact on the Israelites’ journey as they took possession of the promised land.

Lessons from Rahab’s Story

The power of faith and trust in God

Rahab’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that faith and trust in God can have. Despite Rahab’s sinful past and her identity as a non-Israelite, her faith in God and her courageous actions brought about salvation for herself and her family.

The impact of our choices and actions

Rahab’s story also highlights the importance of the choices we make and the actions we take. Despite her past mistakes, Rahab’s decision to protect the spies and her unwavering trust in God altered the course of her own life and the lives of those around her.

The importance of extending mercy and kindness

Rahab’s plea for mercy upon her family and her act of kindness in protecting the spies demonstrate the significance of extending mercy and displaying kindness towards others. These qualities not only impacted Rahab’s own salvation but also left a lasting legacy.


Rahab’s journey from a sinner with a sinful past to a faithful servant of God serves as a powerful example for each of us. Her story showcases the transformative power of faith, the importance of our choices and actions, and the profound impact of extending mercy and kindness. May we be inspired by Rahab’s bravery and unwavering trust in God as we navigate our own journeys and seek to fulfill God’s plans for our lives.

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