Faith Beyond Measure – Unraveling the Essence of Real Faith

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Faith Beyond Measure is a book designed to guide its reader on a journey toward developing a deeper and more mature understanding of our professed faith. The author uses the Bible as his guide in this endeavor; introducing its biblical covenants that run throughout, leading up to Jesus, Proverbs providing moral fabric for everyday living and the New Testament teaching us how to live life according to its gospel message.

He examines general design arguments used by the Intelligent Design Movement (IDM), such as those relied upon by human reason and wisdom, which rely solely on human reason as their basis, but argue they do not provide an adequate basis for faith. He then shows how the Bible teaches that faith should not be measured by how much we know, but by our love for others and God; encouraging readers to find ways of blessing others the same way God did for Rahab, a Canaanite prostitute from Jericho.

Since publishing Joining God, the author’s encounters with congregations raised concerns regarding their ecclesiocentric focus and heavy reliance on technique. As a result of these encounters he sought alternative means of discernment that might allow congregations to experience Spirit alongside technocratic rationality.

Faith Beyond Measure offers readers a fresh perspective on these trends and provides ways they can participate in what many predict will become a spiritual renaissance movement in America by 2045. Faith Beyond Measure offers readers with insight into this ongoing unraveling, providing readers with ways to be involved and participate in its great unraveling process.

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