Abraham and Lot: Journey to the Promised Land

In the video titled “Abraham and Lot: Journey to the Promised Land” by Saddleback Kids, you will be taken on a journey through the story of Abraham and his nephew Lot as depicted in the book of Genesis, specifically chapters 12 and 13. The video focuses on the early years of Abraham, known as Abram at the time, before he received his divine calling from God to leave his home in Haran and embark on a new path to a land that God would show him. Accompanied by his wife Sarai, his nephew Lot, and their extended family, Abram sets out to fulfill God’s command. As they arrive in the new land, Abram and Lot face a decision to avoid conflict and choose separate paths, leading them to different destinations. Through faith and obedience, Abram receives God’s promise and blessing for himself and his family.

In this engaging video, Saddleback Kids presents the tale of Abraham and Lot, showcasing their faith and the choices they made on their journey to the Promised Land. With a focus on the early stages of Abram’s life and his encounter with God’s divine calling, this story highlights the importance of faith, obedience, and trust in God’s plan for our lives. Join Abraham and Lot as they navigate the challenges of a crowded land, face the decision to part ways, and ultimately experience God’s promise and blessings. The video offers a compelling exploration of this biblical story that has captivated readers for generations.

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Genesis 12: Abram’s Call

God’s command to Abram

In Genesis 12, we see God’s command to Abram. God tells Abram to leave his home with his family and go to a place that He will show him. This command required Abram to have faith and trust in God’s plan for his life. It was a significant call to leave everything familiar and step into the unknown.

Abram’s obedience

Abram’s response to God’s command was one of obedience. He packed up his belongings, gathered his family, including his wife Sarai and his nephew Lot, and set out on the journey to the new land. Despite not knowing where exactly God was leading him, Abram obeyed without hesitation, showcasing his faith and trust in God.

Genesis 13: Abram and Lot Separate

Abram and Lot’s growing wealth

As Abram and Lot journeyed together, their possessions and wealth increased. They became very prosperous, with large herds and flocks. However, this abundance led to a conflict between their herdsmen, as the land was not able to support both of them and their livestock.

Conflict arises between Abram and Lot

The conflict between their herdsmen was causing tension between Abram and Lot. They realized that they needed to find a solution to avoid further discord and maintain their relationship.

Abram’s solution to the conflict

Showing his wisdom and humility, Abram proposed a solution to the conflict. He suggested that they separate and go their separate ways. He gave Lot the choice of which land he wanted, and Abram graciously agreed to take the opposite direction.

Lot’s choice

Lot looked around and saw that the land of Jordan was well watered and fertile. The area near the town of Sodom seemed prosperous and attractive. Therefore, Lot chose to settle in that region, near Sodom, disregarding any potential risks or consequences.

Abram’s new land

After Lot made his choice, Abram was left with the remaining land. God reassured Abram by telling him to lift up his eyes and look around, as all the land he saw would be given to him and his descendants. Abram received this promise and blessing because of his faithfulness and obedience to God.

Genesis 13: Abram’s Promise

God’s promise to Abram

In Genesis 13, God makes a promise to Abram. He tells Abram that He will give the land he sees to him and his descendants forever. This promise was a testament to God’s faithfulness and His plan for Abram’s lineage.

Abram’s faithfulness

Abram’s faithfulness to God was unwavering throughout his journey. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, Abram trusted in God’s promise and remained obedient. His faithfulness is a powerful example of how we can place our trust in God’s plans for our lives, even when they seem uncertain or difficult.

The land of Canaan

The land God promised to Abram and his descendants came to be known as the land of Canaan. This land holds significant historical and spiritual importance, as it became the promised land for the Israelites and a central location in biblical narratives. The fulfillment of God’s promise to Abram and the establishment of Canaan as the land of His chosen people is a testament to the faithfulness of God.

Genesis 13: Lot’s Choice

Lot’s decision-making process

When faced with the choice of which land to settle in, Lot employed his own decision-making process. He observed the land around him, considering factors such as fertility and prosperity. Lot made his decision based on what appeared to be the most appealing option, without seeking God’s guidance or considering the potential consequences.

Lot’s decision to settle near Sodom

Lot’s decision ultimately led him to settle near the city of Sodom. While the land may have seemed prosperous at first, Sodom was known for its wickedness and immoral lifestyle. Lot’s choice to dwell in such a place would have significant implications for his future.

The consequences of Lot’s choice

The consequences of Lot’s choice became evident as the story of Sodom unfolds in subsequent chapters of Genesis. Living in close proximity to the city of Sodom exposed Lot and his family to its corruption and moral decay. Despite his initial desire for wealth and prosperity, Lot’s choice had dire consequences for his well-being and the well-being of his family.

Genesis 13: Abram’s Journey

Abram’s continued travel

After separating from Lot, Abram continued his journey according to God’s guidance. He moved his family, livestock, and possessions to the land God had promised him. Abram’s faith and trust in God enabled him to press on, even as he faced uncertainties and challenges along the way.

God’s guidance and blessing

Throughout Abram’s journey, God provided guidance and assurance. His presence was evident, and He continued to reaffirm His promise to Abram. God’s guidance and blessings were a constant source of encouragement for Abram as he navigated through unfamiliar territories and circumstances.

The fulfillment of God’s promise

In the end, God fulfilled His promise to Abram. The land that Abram had obediently journeyed to became the inheritance of his descendants. The book of Genesis lays the foundation for the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abram and sets the stage for the extraordinary journey that would follow through the generations.


Abram’s journey of faith serves as an inspiring example for us today. His unwavering obedience and trust in God’s plan, even in the face of challenges and uncertainties, teach us valuable lessons.

We learn from Abram’s call and obedience that when God directs us to take a step of faith, we can trust that He has a purpose for our lives. We see the importance of seeking resolutions to conflicts in a humble and peaceful manner, as demonstrated by Abram’s solution with Lot. Abram’s faithfulness to God’s promises inspires us to hold firm to our faith even when circumstances seem discouraging.

Additionally, Lot’s story reminds us of the consequences that can arise from making choices based solely on worldly desires. We are encouraged to seek God’s guidance and wisdom in all our decision-making processes, ensuring that our choices align with His will for our lives.

As we reflect on the stories of Abram and Lot, let us embrace the lessons they teach us and strive to walk in faithfulness and obedience to God in our own journeys. May we trust in His promises, seek His guidance, and learn from their experiences as we navigate the paths set before us.

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