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Experience the powerful worship of Kari Jobe as she performs “Nothing Else + The Heart of Worship.” This captivating rendition will touch your soul and remind you of the true heart of worship. Subscribe to our channel for more uplifting performances!

Take 2 is a brand new segment brought to you by Worship Together, featuring covers of some of our favorite worship songs for the church! In this video, you can watch the amazing performance of “Nothing Else + The Heart of Worship” by the talented Kari Jobe. If you want to stay updated on all our video releases, we have two simple steps for you: 1. Subscribe to our channel. 2. Ring the bell! By clicking the bell icon next to “Subscribe” and selecting “all,” you’ll be notified on your YouTube feed whenever we have something new for you. Worship Together is the ultimate online resource for worship leaders, providing free weekly resources like chord charts, sheet music, and New Song Café videos. We upload at least once a week, so make sure to subscribe and stay up-to-date with the newest songs for the church, exclusive acoustic performances, behind-the-song stories, and song tutorials.

In this powerful rendition of “Nothing Else” and “The Heart of Worship,” Kari Jobe brings a beautiful combination of heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies that will surely touch your soul. The video showcases the artist’s incredible talent and devotion to her craft, creating an uplifting and worshipful experience. So, get ready to be inspired by Kari Jobe’s incredible performance, and remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more fantastic content and updates. Nothing else compares to the power of worship, and this video is a testament to that.

Video Information

Video By Worship Together

The video of “Nothing Else + The Heart of Worship” is performed by Kari Jobe and is brought to you by Worship Together. Worship Together is a platform that provides resources for worship leaders, including chord charts, sheet music, and New Song Café videos. They upload new content at least once a week and offer a variety of worship songs for the church. The Take 2 segment features covers of some of their favorite worship songs, and this performance by Kari Jobe is one of them.

About the Song


The lyrics of “Nothing Else + The Heart of Worship” convey a deep longing for God’s presence and a desire to worship Him wholeheartedly. The song expresses a surrender to God, acknowledging that He is the sole desire and everything else fades away in comparison. The lyrics also touch on themes of repentance, acknowledging when we have gone through the motions or come with our own agenda, and longing to return to the heart of worship.


The song carries a powerful message about the importance of genuine worship and a sincere relationship with God. It reminds listeners to not get caught up in the pursuit of blessings or the distractions of the world, but to simply desire God’s presence above all else. The song encourages introspection and challenges us to examine our motives and intentions in worship, asking ourselves if we are truly seeking God or simply going through the motions.


The message of “Nothing Else + The Heart of Worship” is clear: worship is not about us, but about God. It calls us to strip away any pretenses or distractions and turn our focus solely on Him. The song emphasizes the need to bring something of worth to God, not just through songs, but through a genuine heart surrendered to Him. It reminds us that true worship is not measured by external actions but by the devotion and love we express towards God.

Performance Description


The performance of “Nothing Else + The Heart of Worship” by Kari Jobe begins with a heartfelt introduction. Kari Jobe sets the stage for a powerful worship experience, inviting listeners to enter into the presence of God and rest at His feet. The atmosphere is set for a holy moment of worship.

Presence of God

As the song progresses, Kari Jobe beautifully conveys a sense of being caught up in the presence of God. Her voice and passion radiate through the performance, drawing listeners into the holy moment she is experiencing. The audience is reminded of the awe-inspiring nature of God and the privilege of being in His presence.

Holy Moment

The performance captures the essence of this holy moment, where everything else fades away and all that matters is being in the presence of God. Kari Jobe’s sincerity and vulnerability shine through as she leads the congregation in a heartfelt expression of worship. The music and lyrics combine to create an atmosphere that allows worshippers to encounter God in a powerful and meaningful way.

Desire for God

The performance of “Nothing Else + The Heart of Worship” exemplifies a deep desire for God. Kari Jobe’s passionate delivery and genuine connection with the lyrics communicate an authentic longing to be in the presence of God. The audience is invited to join in this desire to know and worship God above all else.

Apology and Repentance

Going Through the Motions

The song addresses the tendency to go through the motions in worship, expressing remorse for times when we have simply gone through the motions without true engagement. It acknowledges that true worship requires more than outward actions but necessitates a genuine heart posture.

Singing without Meaning

Another aspect of repentance highlighted in the song is the admission of singing without meaning. It acknowledges the times when we may have sung another song without truly understanding or connecting with the lyrics. The song calls for a return to heartfelt worship, where every word carries significance and flows from a sincere place.

Returning to the Heart of Worship

The focus of the song’s repentance is on returning to the heart of worship. It recognizes when we have come with our own agenda or forgotten that God is enough. The song echoes the sentiment of the well-known worship song “Heart of Worship,” affirming that true worship is centered on God alone. It calls for a humble recommitment to sincerely open our hearts to God and rekindle the fire of devotion.

Nothing Else

Sole Desire for God

The song emphasizes the sole desire for God above all else. The lyrics declare that nothing else can satisfy or fulfill like a genuine encounter with God’s presence. It invites listeners to let go of earthly distractions and fix their focus on the one who alone can truly satisfy.

Importance of God’s Presence

Through the song, listeners are reminded of the significance and power of God’s presence. It underscores the need to prioritize and seek after Him above all else. The lyrics capture the essence of longing for the tangible experience of being in the presence of God, recognizing that it is in His presence that true fulfillment and purpose are found.

The Heart of Worship

Stripped-Down Worship

“The Heart of Worship” is a song that emphasizes the essence of stripped-down worship. It emphasizes that worship is not about flashy performances or external trappings but about the condition of our hearts. The performance embodies this message, focusing on the simplicity and sincerity of worship.

Offering of Worth

The heart of worship is not just about offering a song but something that is truly of worth to God. The performance captures this sentiment by highlighting the need to bring more than just a song. It encourages listeners to offer their whole beings to God, recognizing that He deserves nothing less than our genuine devotion.

Focus on God’s Worth

At the core of the song is the acknowledgment of God’s worthiness. It recognizes that He is the King of endless worth and deserves our utmost adoration. The performance reflects this focus on lifting up God’s name and ascribing to Him the honor that He deserves.

Expressing Devotion

The heart of worship is reflected in the expression of devotion to God. The performance evokes this sense of devotion through Kari Jobe’s heartfelt delivery and the congregation’s participation. It serves as a reminder to worshipers of the joy and privilege of offering their worship to God with fervent love and devotion.

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Powerful Worship Song

“Nothing Else + The Heart of Worship” is a powerful worship song that resonates with believers who desire to encounter God’s presence and express sincere devotion. It serves as a reminder of the true heart of worship, emphasizing the importance of genuine connection with God and the magnitude of His worthiness.

Reminder of God’s Worth

The performance of the song serves as a reminder of the worthiness of God. It calls listeners to acknowledge His endless worth and to offer their worship in response. Through heartfelt delivery and authentic worship, the song draws attention to the significance of God’s presence in our lives.

Call for Authentic Worship

Ultimately, “Nothing Else + The Heart of Worship” is a call for authentic worship. It challenges listeners to evaluate their motives and intentions, inviting them to return to the heart of worship where it is all about God. The performance encourages worshipers to bring something of worth and to express true devotion, letting go of distractions and fully surrendering to God’s presence.

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